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Murcia top golf destination…..

the difficult 10th hole at Condado de Alhama......

the difficult 10th hole at Condado de Alhama……

Some more good news for Murcia –   a feature in Today’s Golfer Magazine March issue  (due out 1st week of Feb).  Continental Europe’s Best Value Destination was Murcia Spain.

The article Reads

“This was a major upset, underdogs Murica came out on top against all the odds, pipping strongly-fancied Belek (Turkey) by the narrowest of margins with last year’s winners the Algarve in third.  Murcia lacks glitz and glamour of the Costa Del Sol, but this corner of Iberia promises and equally special golfing holiday-and for considerably less money.”

“You really do get value-for-money in this part of the golfing world.

Indeed Murcia is now giving the Costa Del Sol, which finished fifth, a good run for its money as a major golfing destination and it’s fair to say it has established itself as Spain’s fastest growing destination”.

For anyone wishing to join the society details are below:

There has been a society at Condado since January 2010 which is available to residents, renters and guests staying with residents. The cost of this is 5€ per year and new members are expected to provide details of the apartment number, home club and current  handicap. If you cannot provide evidence of handicap you will need to play off 18 handicap until 3 individual stableford scores at Condado are submitted. Society handicaps are adjusted after each individual competition.
Even with proof of handicap and club you cannot win one of our major events until one individual stableford card has been submitted.
Benefits include:
Reduced green fees when playing on a society time (at the moment Monday, Wednesday Friday in a 2 hour morning slot). Friday is a formal competition, other days not so. Currently this costs 40€ (45€ with shared buggy). This is a saving on residents fees which are 51€ and 28€ for a buggy. So on the first round as a member you will save at least 11€ and maybe 20€ with buggy for your 5€ investment.
Start times for all events are posted in the clubhouse – just add your name. If you are not on site you can book in advance at bookings@cdagolf.com so you will have partners organised when necessary.
Entry to competitions costs 2€ and all entry fees collected are paid out in prizes. From society funds we also give out 4/5 prizes in the free draw for non-winners who attend at the Clover. Neil & Lynn also provide a wide selection of sandwiches for golfers and families free of charge.
Every member also receives a free diary/fixture list which they can collect at the Clover bar. We also supply society polo shirts at the very competitive cost of 15€. The colour changes each year and for 2014 they are plum.
Several times a year we have an evening presentation at a local venue for major competition presentations where all are welcome to enjoy the social side of the society. This usually includes a meal and live entertainment for a reasonable cost.
Thanks to Neil and Lynn we have a magnificent trophy cabinet which is a spectacular showcase for our many trophies (in the Clover).
The society have a weekly blog (www.cdagolf.com) which gives competition results news, photos and videos so you can keep in touch with what is happening when you are not on site at Condado. A full history of society competitions and events is available on the site.
I hope this explains what the society is about and how you can benefit by joining us. Please contact bookings@cdagolf.com

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Dave Lloyd has always had a monopoly on the song Delilah………..well maybe that welsh lad Ton Jones had a go at it too. See Dave and his backing group at the Condado Club last summer. But I think he was stood on a cats tail during the show!

We had a go  and sang it better? (or with less pain for the audience?). It was certainly different with new words…….Golf theme rather than jewish temptress with my, my, my, crap driver replacing why, why, why, Delilah!  New lyrics completely, Gary Barlow eat your heart out too!

Maybe the audience reaction (Dave’s groupies) at Los Balcones on Ladies day suggests that they prefer Dave’s version? But there was not a lot to beat was there?


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a winter view of the 4th green........

a winter view of the 4th green……..

Friday was a beautiful day to play golf with warm sunshine for the 36 players. It was a pairs aggregate where both players points at each hole were added.  With all scores being recorded it was also a qualifier for handicap purposes.


1st   Kim Lloyd & Dave Lloyd…………………….70pts

2nd Darren Woods & Blair Johnstone……….65pts

3rd  Peter Reeves & John Killeen………………64pts

winners Dave & Kim.........

winners Dave & Kim………

It is the AGM on the first Wednesday in March, so any motions to be discussed should be sent to the committee at bookings@cdagolf.com

Also a reminder that we are looking for a new social secretary to replace Cath, who has done such  a great job arranging entertainment and transport for members at evening presentations.

Regarding local deals for golf some members have tried  Camposol which is only 20€ or 25€ with buggy. We went to Aguilon last week and had a great day with excellent service for 38€ with buggy. However it cost Peter Reeves considerably more to replace his lost balls!

Pat Hughes and Peter Mitchell are surrounded by spectacular mountain views at Aguilon.......

Pat Hughes and Peter Mitchell are surrounded by spectacular mountain views at Aguilon…….

Next week is a 4 person texas scramble and the following week is the Anniversary trophy (pairs drawn out).

Each week at the presentation in the Clover we give away several prizes for non-winners – a card draw takes place but you must be present to win. This week we had gin, wine, jewellery and hip flask with JD. Come on down at 5.45pm at the Clover on Fridays.

Below you can see the new plum coloured society shirts for 2014. You can get these from Kev at only 15€. As you can see, they come in all sizes!

you can breath out now Les!..........

you can breath out now Les!……….

Not much to report this week so I have added a few pictures and a video – just seeing if I could actually do it! The next efforts might be a bit more professional and interesting . It is nice though to see some live views of the course for those who are struggling with terrible weather back in the UK & Scandinavia.

Kim, Alicia and Dorothy on the 3rd green........

Kim, Alicia and Dorothy on the 3rd green……..

This weeks featured member is norwegian Jan Holdhus who can often be found on the range practicing his skills. He goes orienteering in the surrounding mountains, and loves skiing near to his cabin in Voss. He lives overlooking the fjord in Bergen and is glad to come to Condado to get away from the rain!

Jan on a sunny day at his home course in Bergen.....

Jan on a sunny day at his home course in Bergen…..

In the video are Karin & Torkild Dahl and Lynda & Colin Lloyd.

Next week I hope to post a video challenge of ‘Delilah’ between Dave Lloyd and an alternative version from his friends who think they can do better!

Here is this weeks joke which has a new year resolution theme…..

What happened to the Irishman who thought about giving up the evil of drink in the new year……

He gave up thinking…………..


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Jan & Eli Holdhus on the browned off 9th fairway while the greens staff water the rough in the background...........

Jan & Eli Holdhus on the browned off 9th fairway while the greens staff water the rough in the background………..

We were fortunate today with the weather, sunshine in between the rains of Thursday and Saturday. 43 players and a good entry of 12 players for the ladies section.

1st division

1st   Dave Lloyd……………..36pts

2nd  John Hennum…………33pts

2nd division

1st   Kevin Smith……………35pts

2nd  Dave Rollett…………..33pts


1st   Alicia Saunders……..32pts

2nd  Julia Gibson………….28pts

Dave gets yet another winner's prize.......

Dave gets yet another winner’s prize…….

Kev back on form again.............

Kev back on form again………….

Alicia completes the trio of multiple winners..........

Alicia completes the trio of multiple winners……….

Next week is a pairs aggregate competition……pick your own partner and both your scores are added together……….

Entries for the Anniversary Trophy are going well with over 40 entries so far. Tickets for the evening presentation at the Condado Club will cost 10€ with pie, peas, mash and gravy, entertainment from Neil Diamond and free tickets for a raffle and stand up/sit down bingo. The winners of these prizes will also be entered for an ‘open the box’ competition where all will be given a key to open the box for a cash prize. The unlucky keyholders will also get a lucky bag.

On my way off the course I disturbed a family of grouse (about 10 of them) who were sat under a bush alongside the 10th fairway.

daddy grouse runs away.......

daddy grouse runs away…….


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‘mother’s milk’

This week we have a video for you. Dave Lloyd doing his own take on the Aldi advert – ‘I like this, but I like this as well’ where they say their brand is better than more expensive options. It may look easy but it is extremely dangerous so don’t try this at home!

I will post offers from local courses when they are available. Here is one from Lorca who often give good deals.

January 16th to January 30th – one green fee 30€, with buggy 35€

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Heavy clouds blanketed the course at the start of play, and it was very dark over Totana but fortunately the bad weather kept away. Along with a stiff breeze the conditions were not ideal for scoring. 44 players formed 11 teams, and in the finish it was the husband and wife teams of  Myers and Currie who came out on top.

1st…………nett 62.0

Nigel Myers, Cherie Myers, Martyn Currie, June Currie

2nd…………nett 63.3

Alan Rustad, Hilary Rustad, Jostein Landsvik, Barry Barker

Next week’s competition is an individual stableford. An entry sheet is now on the board for the first major of the year, the Anniversary Trophy. This will be played on Friday February 7th, and partners and times will be drawn on Wednesday February 5th. If you want a buggy please indicate it on the list or inform a committer member.

This years plum polo shirts are now available at 15€. Diaries are also ready to be collected in the Clover bar.

This week’s featured golfer is Pat Hughes, who hails from Dumfries (Scotland) and is the current holder of the Barry Answer trophy.

Pat has been a regular player since the society was formed..........

Pat has been a regular player since the society was formed……….

It’s a quiet week so here is a joke.

A player about to tee off was approached by a man who held out a card that read, “I am a deaf mute. May I please play through?”

The first man gave the card back, angrily shaking his head, and saying, “No, you CANNOT play through.” He assumed he read lips so he mouthed, “I can’t believe you would try to use your handicap to your own advantage like that! Shame on you!”

The deaf man walked away and the first man whacked the ball onto the green and then walked off to finish the hole.

Just as he was about to put the ball into the hole he was hit in the head with a golf ball that knocked him out cold.

When he came to a few minutes later, he looked around and saw the deaf mute sternly looking at him, one hand on his hip, the other hand holding up four fingers.

During the next few days watch out for Dave Lloyd’s hilarious video……..’mother’s milk’.


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2014 fixture list

For those who do not yet have a fixture list/diary, the full calendar for society events for 2014 is under the ‘fixtures’ tab. Please collect your diary from the Clover next time you are at Condado . They are free for members!


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Review of 2013

Well, that’s another year gone and the society continues to flourish. The yellow shirts worn in 2012 were replaced with green ones. Just a year ago the course was being run by Global Golf, who were not to survive for long. In 2012 there were 60000 viewings of this blog – this has increased to 75000 in 2013.

Mick Parsons and Helge Kristoffersen model the shirts.......

Mick Parsons and Helge Kristoffersen model the shirts…….

January saw work start on the new access path from the clubhouse to the driving range which now makes the clubhouse accessible from the practice area. The 2nd society diary/fixture list was distributed to the members so they can plan their trips out to fit in with the golf. Apollo Air committed to another year of sponsorship of their monthly trophy. This has become a major part of the society calendar. Jan Jakobsen got off to a flyer winning 3 competitions. Also Barry Elmer had a hole in one on the 11th.

access between bar and range now......

access between bar and range now……

Jan had a great month...........

Jan had a great month………..

February brought the first major of the year – the Anniversary Trophy. The winners were Alicia Saunders and Kevin Williams. Also in February we had the captain v president challenge, with Kev’s team winning the last match to snatch the medals.

captain Kev and teammate Astrid were proud of their medals.....

captain Kev and teammate Astrid were proud of their medals…..

The 2nd AGM took place in March with membership now running from April 1st – no it isn’t a joke! The 2nd major of the yea (the Pairs Strokeplay event) was won by the all girl pairing of Kim Lloyd and Torild Lailey. The St Patrick’s Day competition had a lot of green and white about, with the winner being Julie Simpson. Mick Parsons and Jan Jakobsen introduced an eclectic competition for IRM members, which was to run for a year (maximum of 5 cards). Individual membership for Condado was withdrawn by IRM, much to the disappointment of the many residents who had taken advantage of that option. We all bought on Condado to play this wonderful course, not to pay more and travel to the other 5 in the trail. The course was not looking good at this time with work needed on the rough and the sad sight of empty lakes which was to continue throughout the year.

Dave is half Irish because he likes guinness........

Dave is half Irish because he likes guinness……..

In April we had a reply to our concerns over water levels in the lakes. We were told that solutions were being sought and hopefully this problem would be resolved in the very near future. 9 months on and 4 of the lakes are still more or less empty (except for natural replenishment after occasional rain). Later in the month we did have 2 days of heavy rain which helped but the levels were not maintained. Graham White achieved a remarkable feat of putting 3 gross 2’s on his card during the yellow ball competition. St George’s day was a colourful event with lots of bunting and St George’s red crosses on view. Alicia Saunders added to her win in the Anniversary trophy.

this was Graham's reward..........

this was Graham’s reward……….

lots of red & white......

lots of red & white……

May heralded the start of summer, and Paul Briggs took over the captaincy from Kevin Smith (who became president) and appointed Dave Rollett as his vice captain for the year. We had 2 away days in May, visiting Desert Springs where we were given a warm welcome as usual and everyone enjoyed the change of venue. Also Lorca gave us an even better deal at €25 per person with buggy and we were pleasantly surprised with the course. The weekly visits to the other IRM courses near the coast started to include a compulsory visit to the ‘Shed’ watering hole in Roldan, where food and drink was so cheap it would be rude not to partake! We paid another visit to Maria’s in Bolnuevo on Peter Reeves’ night out and again everyone had a fantastic time.

the spectacular desert springs course.......

the spectacular desert springs course…….

a busy day at the 'shed'...........

a busy day at the ‘shed’………..

the girls had a good time.....

the girls had a good time…..

The major for June was President’s day and was won by Lee Hobson, who succeeded his wife Fran as champion. Kevin decided on a carribean theme for the night out, and it proved to be a very colourful evening with many joined in the fun. The course was at last looking at its best with the fairways looking very impressive.

the girls made an effort!............

the girls made an effort!…………

the 12th green looks fantastic!.......

the 12th green looks fantastic!…….

In July the main day comprised both the strokeplay championship and the scratch cup, which were won by George Gade and Richard Corscadden respectively. At the presentation Graham and myself were very proud to receive a momento from the society in recognition of our time as captain and president. With the influx of summer visitors numbers for competitions approached 70 each week. That month Brian Bowden holed out for an ace on the 11th. Compulsory drops were introduced for the water hazards to avoid players sliding down the lining and getting injured.

Graham and I were both touched by the gesture...........

Graham and I were both touched by the gesture………..

In August James Rule won captains day, and we had the presentation outside on the terrace of Camposol golf club. 81 players took part, which was a record for the society. Nike joined IRM to promote their brand and offer sponsorship. We also had an enjoyable away day at Corvera, which although not as good as Condado was a pleasant change.

finished up sat under the moonlight.........

finished up sat under the moonlight………

September started with Ladies day, which also proved very popular with non-golfing ladies also, and they had a great time. Astrid Spieler came out on top on this occasion. We had the presentation at Los Balcones which was only 5 minutes from Condado, and I am sure it will be used again for eating al fresco in the summer months. Aguilon golf put on a great deal for their Ryder Cup qualifier, and our members took advantage to play a popular course. Two of our members, Dave Lloyd and Connor Mohan both won their categories in the Murcia golf federation competition played over the 6 courses. After a deluge the lakes reached perhaps half full, and at our suggestion water was pumped from the 4th up to the 11th so we could have 2 full lakes at least. However, for some strange reason all the water in 11 disappeared a couple of weeks later and we are still left with the eyesore of empty lakes.

the non-golfers get instruction on the rules.......

the non-golfers get instruction on the rules…….

a lovely outdoor venue.......

a lovely outdoor venue…….

At the end of September Neil allowed the society full use of the cocktail bar area, and with with additional lighting added the trophy display looks really impressive. Each major winner had a framed photo of themselves alongside the trophy.

all major and special event trophies are displayed in the Clover......

all major and special event trophies are displayed in the Clover……

October started with Pat Hughes winning the Barry Answer trophy, and a busy month was to follow. Our last away day of the year in October was to our old favourite of Benidorm, and I must say that there were a few sore heads on the following day! October is remembered for the Viking Cup – a record turn out of 88 players, and players on a waiting list. The UK & Ireland triumphed on this occasion to tie the overall score at 2 – 2. A great night followed with 122 guests enjoying a comedy hypnotist who provided the entertainment. As usual the Seniors trophy followed in the same week and the winner was the captain, Paul Briggs. About this time Phil Tann produced a computer program which managed not just the scoring in each competition but the start sheets and handicap adjustments. As players are keyed onto the start sheet a look-up table inserts their handicap which is automatically adjusted when scores are entered.

sat with a post-match pint with this view....what could be better?......

sat with a post-match pint with this view….what could be better?……

Captain Paul won the seniors......

Captain Paul won the seniors……

November was a relatively quiet month, but Paddy Kerr took full advantage posting 4 wins. One of them was in Kevin’s team challenge where he was joined by wife Roisin, Peter Beatt and Jim Alwell.

Not many on the resort in December, so it was easier for Les Hurren to win his 7th competition of 2013 in the Clover xmas competition. This matched the record of his usual partner in crime, Neil Simpson. So it was appropriate to see Neil presenting the trophy to Les!

These two had most wins in 2013......

These two had most wins in 2013……

I am sure that society events will be supported well in 2014, and the committee will do their best to ensure that our members get good value for their €5 membership fee. We wish Dave Rollett all the best for his upcoming year as captain.

Happy New Year


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penthouse views from the 8th.......

penthouse views from the 8th…….

A lovely start to the new year with warm sunshine, and temperatures set to rise to 21 degrees (definitely back to shorts). A great entry of 53 players, but can we remind everyone that the cut off for entering your name is 8pm on Wednesdays.

Apollo Air winner

Dan Hyde…………………38pts (on countback)

1st division

1st    Fran Thomas………..38pts

2nd   Barry Barker…………33pts

3rd   Tim Beisiegel………..32pts (on countback)

2nd division

1st   Neil Simpson………..34pts

2nd  Asbjorn Hiksdal………31pts (on countback)

3rd  Jason Hunter…………31pts


Dorothy Simpson………….33pts

a href=”https://cdagolf.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/sam_4830.jpg”>Dan is this months' Apollo Air champion........... Dan is this months’ Apollo Air champion………..

Fran was the 1st division winner and lost out for the main prize on countback.........

Fran was the 1st division winner and lost out for the main prize on countback………

Neil continues to win..... 2nd division this time.....

Neil continues to win….. 2nd division this time…..

Dorothy won the ladies prize............

Dorothy won the ladies prize…………

Phil had a bad day on the course – he said that he only hit 2 good balls, and that was when he stood on the rake!

Phil and Graham enter the scores directly onto the computer for instant results...........

Phil and Graham enter the scores directly onto the computer for instant results………..

The winner of the monthly members draw for January was Mick Parsons. Collect your voucher when you get back Mick.

Next week is a 4 person texas scramble. The new purple society polo shirts are now available at only €15 – see Kev.

A reminder that tickets for  the anniversary trophy  evening presentation are on sale, but numbers will be limited to 80.

Here are a few pictures of members to put faces to names.

The 2 Peters from Bolnuevo.......Mitchell (left & Reeves (right).......

The 2 Peters from Bolnuevo…….Mitchell (left) & Reeves (right)…….

Carol & Dave Storey sat in their apartment annex........the clubhouse...

Carol & Dave Storey sat in their apartment annex……..the clubhouse…

Tim Beisiegel is one of our best players and managed to get in the prizes this week..........

Tim Beisiegel is one of our best players and managed to get in the prizes this week……….


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