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32 players took part on a beautiful sunny morning, with a slight breeze getting up during the round. There were several good scores, but it was the anglo-irish partnership of Joe McManus and Barry Barker who came out on top.

Joe and Barry..........

Joe and Barry……….

Joe McManus & Barry Barker

2nd………44pts (on last 6 countback)

Eamonn Barry & Les Hurren

John Brown & Phil Mather

I have been away for a week in the UK, but the course has really come on in that time. The greens were excellent, and the approaches around the greens were immaculate. The striped fairways added to the overall effect.

back to its former glory.........

back to its former glory………

Next week is the Apollo Air sponsored monthly stableford. In 2 weeks there are 2 majors played simultaneously. the Barry Barker Strokeplay and the Paul Harrington Scratch Cup. The evening presentation is at the Amapola restaurant in Bolneuvo around the pool. There will be live entertainment from Lenny Mitchell and it was a great night last year, so get your name down with Kevin (17e for 3 course meal and bottle of wine between 2). Transport is also available at 5e per person.


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June golf offers from IRM


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Results for friday June 21st

This week was the monthly Apollo air trophy, once again a big thank you to Steve from Apollo air for his continued support of the Golf society.
We had 35 players in a individual stableford, weather was perfect and the greens and fairways continue to improve, the fairways are now very green and looking very good, and the greens are getting quicker.
Apollo air winner

38pts – Kevin Smith.

Division 1

Winner -36pts Robert Beaton.,

2nd 33pts – John Brown,

3rd 31pts Dave Lloyd.

Division 2

winner – 36pts – Robin Wilson, 

2nd 35pts – Phil Tann,

3rd 33pts – John Tennant

Members draw, 227 – Jane Skynner, 40 – Karin Dahl, Please note that the winners will receive 2 green fee vouchers each, and they have 1 month to claim there vouchers please contact bookings@cdagolf.com to claim

Also note for your diary, 12th July Barry Barker/Paul Harrington trophy, evening presentation at Amapola 17 euros per person, 5 euros extra if you want coach travel. Contact Kevin for tickets and more details on cathkevin123@hotmail.co.uk 

This years Viking Cup will take place on Tuesday October 22nd, we have already received enough requests to play to fill the UK & Ireland team.  We have yet to receive the official Norway / Scandinavia team list, anyone interested in taking part should contact Jan Skjold.

viking cup

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golf course rules?

What do you think about this rule that Chris has uncovered? It is similar to the area in front of the 11th green.

Rules of Golf


There is obviously a stake missing on the left side of the photo.
Photo: Boleslav Bobcik

I have been asked to clarify the situation where a player is not absolutely sure whether their ball lies within the margin of a water hazard, or not. This can arise when a stake defining the margin of the hazard has either been wrongly positioned or is missing.

Part of the Definition of Lateral Water Hazard states;

When the margin of a lateral water hazard is defined by stakes, the stakes are inside the lateral water hazard, and the margin of the hazard is defined by the nearest outside points of the stakes at ground level.

That is fine when the stakes have been correctly positioned, but if it is obvious that the stakes have been improperly installed, or there is a stake missing, then Decision 26/2 applies;

Q. Stakes defining the margin of a water hazard were improperly installed. As a result, an area which clearly was part of the water hazard was outside the stakes and, thus, technically was outside the hazard. A player’s ball came to rest in water in this area. The player claimed that, in view of the alignment of the stakes, his ball was in casual water through the green. Was the claim valid?

A. No. The Committee erred in not properly defining the margin of the hazard as required by Rule 33-2a, but a player is not entitled to take advantage of such an error. Since it was clear that the place where the player’s ball lay was within the natural boundaries of the water hazard, the claim should not be upheld.

I am surprised at how many courses I have played where the stakes surrounding a water hazard have been positioned incorrectly in that they are placed on the sloping bank leading down to the water. So a player who has to take relief from the hazard is not only penalised one stroke under Rule 26-1a, but then has to drop their ball on the slope, with the result that their ball is going to be way above their feet when they make their next stroke. Decision 33-2a/4 is relevant in this context;

Lines and stakes defining the margins of a water hazard should be placed as nearly as possible along the natural limits of the hazard, i.e., where the ground breaks down to form the depression containing the water.

This means that Committees should ensure that sloping banks should be included within the margins of the hazard, as it is their responsibility. Rule 33-2 states;

The Committee must define accurately:
(i) the course and out of bounds,
(ii) the margins of water hazards and lateral water hazards,
(iii) ground under repair, and
(iv) obstructions and integral parts of the course.

If your Committee is guilty of incorrectly positioning the stakes around water hazards, or if there are stakes missing, you should immediately bring it to their attention, for the benefit of other members and visitors playing the course.


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Golf rights

Ernie Pendlebury is selling his golf rights. It runs until 2031 and he is willing to listen to offers 

If interested contact graham@cdagolf.com

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4 person team Friday June 14th 2013

43 players took part in what was a difficult format, with all 4 players scoring on the last 6 holes. The weather was hot and sunny, which was unfortunate as play was slow as players searched for their balls in the long grass.


Peter Beatt, John Pitman, Shaun O’Hara, Richard Talbot


Neil Simpson, Les Hurren, Dave Lloyd, Jim Alwell

A shame only Peter was at the presentation to collect the team prize.

Peter Beatt.....

Peter Beatt…..

Standing on the 1st tee, I suddenly thought of a name for our team. I called it the Cluedo team – why? Kevin wore plum, Mark was in red. I wore green and Tim was in yellow. So we had Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Reverend Green and Colonel Mustard! But we played as if we hadn’t a clue (doh!).

Next week is the Apollo Air sponsored monthly individual stableford.

It is nice to report that the course has improved over the last couple of weeks, with the fairways looking much better after several cuts. The greens are also improved with little trace of the sand from the hollow tining. Several players complained about the length of the rough, but it is a championship course and you only have to look at the problems the pros are having this week at Merion (or any other Open venue) to realise this course is set up for the top golfers, so we just have to try and hit it straighter! On the downside though, the constant watering put onto the greens, fairways and rough has resulted in the bunkers being wet and making recovery shots difficult.

After posting last week that names for the Viking Cup should be sent to the organisers, the UK & Ireland team is already full with some reserves (4 months before the fixture). As it is a shotgun start we will try to book more times on the holes following the par 5’s so we can accomodate another 16 players.

Afraid I have to go to the UK next week so Phil or Kev will compile next weeks report.


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Viking Cup

Sorry there was a mistake with date. It will be on Tuesday October 22nd. It was amended yesterday on here and eye on Spain but some who viewed before that may be confused.


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Presidents Day Friday June 7th 2013

Lee keeps in the family......

Lee keeps in the family……

The 3rd President’s day took place in glorious sunshine with 60 players trying to get their name on this prestigious major trophy. Not much wind today, but greens still not good, deep rough surrounding the fairways and no water in the lakes. In addition to the normal prizes, Kevin decided to have a prize for the best front and back nines instead of a longest drive (which could only have been won by a few players in reality). Many of the scores were in the 30’s with only 5 players beating par.

President’s prize

Lee Hobson………………..42pts (on countback)

1st division

1st Steve Brown……………….42pts

2nd Tim Rowley………………..38pts

3rd Paddy McKee……………….34pts

2nd division

1st  Barry Barker…………37pts (on countback)

2nd Peter Reeves………..37pts

3rd Kevin Smith…………36pts


Alicia Saunders…………..35pts

Best front 9………………..Eamonn Barry……..23pts

Best back 9………………..Eli Holdhus………….20pts (on last 3 countback)

Nearest pin 17th

Men………………………..Kjartan Hiksdal

Ladies……………………..Karin Dahl

Amazingly Lee Hobson managed to retain the trophy for the family, with wife Fran winning last year. Also he clinched it as did Fran with a birdie on the 18th.

Thanks to Neil and Lynne, a framed photograph of each major winner will be placed next to the trophy for 12 months and will then be replaced by the next winner.

Division one winner

Steve had a gross 74.......

Steve had a gross 74…….

Division two winner

nice to be back on the podium......

nice to be back on the podium……

Ladies winner

Alicia in yet another disguise.......

Alicia in yet another disguise…….

The evening presentation was at the Condado Club, with Barrington keeping everyone entertained with his caribbean themed routine. Many guests dressed accordingly for the party and the dance floor was busy all night.

Barrington at his best.......

Barrington at his best…….

At times he needed help so Tom Jones assisted with green green GRASS of home – they smoke grass in Jamaica?

the welsh/geordie sings Bob Marley........

the welsh/geordie sings Bob Marley……..

Below is Tom/Dave’s new backing group…….

very colourful........

very colourful……..

Boys dance competition won by (Pete Corcoran) – not sure that is a good thing to tell your grandchildren….

they don't normally have any energy.........

they don’t normally have any energy………

This last one shows how the girls got into the party spirit…….

you could be in Montego Bay.........

you could be in Montego Bay………

For a change we had no meal included, which seemed to make the night flow much better. A barbeque was available in the courtyard for those who needed a snack,

The next major is the Barry Barker Strokeplay and Paul Harrington Scratch competitions on Friday July 12th. Evening presentation as last year around the pool at the Amopola restaurant in Bolneuvo. The cost for 3 course meal with wine included is 17 euros. Return transport by coach is available at 5 euros each. 

Next week is a 4 person team event, with 2 to count on the 1st 6 holes, 3 on the 2nd 6 and 4 on the last 6 holes.

Offers from IRM this week with unlimited golf for a week at 160 euros (residents) or 175 euros (visitors). Not much good to residents who will have to play at least 4 times (5 if with society) before they benefit.  Also it seems the advert was slightly ambiguous – many people thought the offer was for a month’s golf not a week – In fact Spectrum radio announced over the air that it was for a month – it is not.

IRM are not competing with offers from other nearby courses. Also they are losing money from ex members who now play at other courses. It also seems that Hacienda del Alamo have withdrawn their offer to us of 38 euros any day. They may do a deal though if a party of at least 4 approach them. So the advertising on the back of your membership card shold not be there.

Viking Cup


Entries are being taken for the Viking Cup which will be a shotgun start on Tuesday October 22nd. There will be 36 players on each team so places will be limited. Anyone wishing to play must be a society member before applying for entry and preference will be given to current members. Players applying for membership after October 1st can only play if there are spaces available. The UK team have now got a sponsor for team shirts so won’t be overshadowed by the scandinavians this year!


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Seniors prize

well done kim......

well done kim……

On Saturday Kim Lloyd finished in 2nd place in the spanish golf federation seniors competition at El Valle. She had 33 points. It is hard to believe she is a senior golfer – is the age requirement 35 in Spain? It was only 10 euros entry for IRM members and 20 euros for all others.

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Eclectic Trophy Update (Condado Course Members)

Currently we have 13 cards submitted by 11 players.

Leader board 26 May 2013

44 Mick Parsons
39 Jim Alwell
39 Phil Tann
38 Jan Jakobsen

Next Eligible Game – 7th June President’s Cup

Trophy Sponsored by: Ray Rollett
Managed by: Mick Parsons & Jan Jakobsen
With Co-operation of The Condado de Alhama Golf Society

Mick Parsons

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