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New captain Paul and president Kevin.......

New captain Paul and president Kevin…….




40 players risked the bad weather forecast and were justified, as the big black cloud over the Carrascoy just missed them!  The scores were very good, with just one point separating the top 3 pairings.

1st    Neil Simpson. Les Hurren……………..46pts

2nd  Ken Saunders, Alicia Saunders………45pts (on countback)

3rd  Mike Ankers, Bent Kristiansen……….45pts

Sorry I wasn’t there to take photos but I was in Mojacar entertaining family!

This coming Friday is the Seve Trophy, which last year was one of the highlights, with 4,500 euros being raised for Seve’s charity Cancer UK. There are still holes available for sponsorship at 20 euros – please contact kevin@cdagolf  if you can help. Proceeds this year will go to our own CPR (Condado Primary Response).  The presentation will be at 7.30pm ikn the Clover, with a raffle at 8pm. Entertainment will follow at 9pm with a disco and karaoke – please wear a wig otherwise you may be asked for a 1 euro donation to the charity!

Kevin gave his farewell speech as captain and thanked everyone for their support, and wished Paul Briggs and his vice captain Dave Rollett all the best for the next 12 months. He also added his thanks to the committee  who helped to make his year so enjoyable.

As I write now, the heavens have opened again, with wind and hailstones so maybe the lakes will fill?

Obviously, the condition of the course is of great interest to both golfers and residents of Condado. On Sunday I posted pictures of the water after the rains and posted on eyeonspain. Monday there was a record number of viewings of our website with 660 viewings, which was the most in a single day since the blog began 3 years ago.  

 Below is a great offer from Lorca. I will post any offers when I get them.

We inform you that on the 5th of May we will have the “Match Quality Golf” circuit at Lorca Golf Resort.


·         Presents for everyone

·         Barbecue picnic in the middle of the round

·         Prizes and trophies for winners, nearest to pin and Scratch

·         And a big final draw (stays, green fees, wine, sport clothes, ham, etc.)




35€ public

25€ members of Lorca Golf Resort


20€ buggy (shared 10 € per person). It must be booked. Subject to availability.


Call us now to book: 968 11 35 35 / infogolf@lorcaresort.com




·         Gf + buggy 39€ all day long

·         2 Gf + buggy 69€ all day long


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Water, water, everywhere!



After so many months without rain this weekend we had some proper rain! After some super weather recently, the last week has been mixed with cloud, sunshine, rain which has meant I have had to look at the weather forecast and follow the sun to entertain our guests from the UK. Saturday was beautiful with warm sunshine, but by 6pm the heavens opened and delivered exactly what we wanted – a deluge! 18 hours of ‘proper’ rain was welcome and the photos below will show the difference it has made to the course.















The greens are perfect and this rain can only make them better.

Fridays results to follow, and an update of Jack Nicklaus’ views of the course – keep watching!


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St George's salver......

St George’s salver……

 Sorry for the late posting but again the laptop had to go to the doctor.

40 players took part with conditions being good, although again the majority did not take advantage. Alicia continued her run of form with another victory.

St Georges Salver winner

Alicia Saunders…………42pts

1st division

1st Terry Burgess……….30pts
2nd Paul Briggs…………28pts (on countback)

2nd division

1st Pat Hughes……..35pts
2nd John Killeen……34pts


1st Lis Jakobsen…….33pts
2nd Kim Lloyd……….27pts (on countback)

Longest drive

Men      Neil Simpson
Ladies  Lynda Lloyd

Nearest pin

Men (in 2)    Mark Johnson
Ladies           Julia Gibson

Lowest score

Karen Simpson!

Many thanks to Harry and Linda Sheffield (Trophy Box) who provided the magnificent trophy. Also to Dave and Kim who organised the competition, and to Ken and Alicia who hosted  the quiz at night. Neil and Lynne (as usual) provided a mountain of sandwiches for snacks during the presentation and arranged live music for us (Robbie James).

the stage arrangement.......

the stage arrangement…….
Alicia and Dave....

Alicia and Dave….

a good atmosphere for post match drinks......

a good atmosphere for post match drinks……

quizmaster Ken.......

quizmaster Ken…….

Peter Reeves organised a fantastic party last summer at Marias in Bolneuvo, and is repeating it on Saturday May 11th. The meal is 7 euros and transport 5 euros. Only first 30 for the bus and it must be booked with Kev. Peter has just had an operation and is recovering well, so we all wish him a speedy recovery.


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Yellow ball Friday April 19th 2013

This week was a yellow ball team competition with 48 players.There were some sensational scores on the day. Last time out 118 was enough, but 132 and 130 were the top scores this time.

the winning team......

the winning team……


Neil Simpson, Ricky Comber, Terry Burgess, Shaun Leatt


Sandy Simpson, Dorothy Simpson, Ken Saunders, Alicia Saunders


Kevin Smiih, John Pitman, Jim Alwell, Phil Tann

Well done to Graham, who had 2’s at the the 7th, 11th and 17th holes.

Graham White had an unbelievable 3 2's ......

Graham White had an unbelievable 3 2’s ……

I suggested having islands in the lakes to reduce the water required and encourage wildlife. These gulls liked it, and a family of sandpipers took up residence on another sandbank.

see.....add an island and you get wildlife....

see…..add an island and you get wildlife….

Tuesday is the St Georges Day stableford. In 2 weeks the greens will be hollow tined again, so we are having an awayday to Desert Springs on Friday May 10th – cost 35 euros with buggy. Players can still play at Condado the same day. Contact me at barry@cdagolf.com if you want to go away.

our fish would love  just a little water.......

our fish would love just a little water…….

Bookings for home competitions to bookings@cdagolf..com


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This week saw 53 players take part in the monthly Apollo Air sponsored competition. Again we had lovely summer weather and it looks like shorts are here to stay. Scores were again as they should be, with only 3 players breaking par. Jan Jakobsen just failed to win his 3rd Apollo Air title in 6 months, but did take the 1st division prize, whilst his wife Lis won the ladies.

Apollo Air champion
Jim Alwell…………39pts

1st division
1st Jan Jakobsen………38pts
2nd Chris King………..36pts

2nd division
1st Pat Hughes………38pts
2nd Jason Hunter…….36pts

1st Lis Jakobsen……..36pts

Jim takes away the top prize......

Jim takes away the top prize……

Jan in the prizes again.....

Jan in the prizes again…..

Pat won division one.......

Pat won division one…….

Lis was the ladies winner.........

Lis was the ladies winner………

The winning number in March members draw was 16 (Aubrey Burns). Please claim by May 10th to kevin@cdagolf.com

Next week is a yellow ball competition and the following week the St Georges Day competition will see us play an individual stableford. Although it is to be played on a Tuesday (April 23rd) we will still get society rates. The presentation will be in the Clover at 7.30pm (no meal).

We are still looking for hole sponsors for our Seve charity day on May 3rd (20 euros). Please contact Kev at kevin@cdagolf.com if you are interested.

I was not going to mention the condition of the course until May, but the rapid decrease in water in the 10th lake warrants inclusion. Only a week ago I posted a photo of this lake which is a source of irrigation for the fairways and greens. Over the last couple of weeks the course has been watered daily, but this has resulted in a dramatic fall in the water level. For the 1st time since the course was opened, the bottom of this lake is quite visible. It is so sad to see the lakes so empty, which portrays a bad image to all our visitors (and residents). It is like going to see Niagara Falls and ariving to find a trickle of water dripping into a disused quarry. This disappointment will have repercussions on footfall at Condado. It is as though the lifeblood is being sucked out of our once great course. Lets hope the solutions that IRM are working on are found in the very near future.

remember this?........

remember this?……..

A sad sight after its previous glory.......

A sad sight after its previous glory…….

Another curious point I would like the answer to is why are the fairways being watered during the day, in between players taking their shots? They arrive to their ball and find that it is in casual water – also the bunkers are wet through making recovery very difficult. This watering operation used to take place in the evening, or during the night. There is a computerised system in place which can carry out this operation remotely.

It is not pleasant to have to report news like this.


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Course maintainance April 10th 2013


This week we had a response from Enrique Herrero Gil – Director General (in charge of the signature course).

First of all I would like to say thank you for your comments. We really appreciate your opinion and we encourage you to keep on sending your ideas and comments to improve the level of our service.

Regarding the maintenance condition of the golf course we are working hard to keep the level at its best; I can inform you that this year has been more humid than previous ones, so the festuca rough has germinated all its seeds and for this reason the condition is much better than in the past.

Native areas have been treated continuously and they are completely clean. This year we have been able to keep the greens at 2,8 mm during the winter period, and the density of the tees after the sowing is also at its best in comparison with previous years.

As you know water is a scarce commodity in the Murcia Region; on Alhama Golf in particular we have enough water resources to irrigate the golf course, but we haven´t got enough resources to fill all the existing lakes for ornamental use. We know that this is a very important issue for the golf course, and we are studying different technical alternatives to solve this situation but we haven´t found an efficient solution yet. We are very confident that we will find a solution in the very near future.

Best Regards,

Enrique Herrero Gil
Director General


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the lake without water, and expressed concerns about the rest of the course which did not look as good as previously. Below find updated pictures which show that work is being done, but there are still areas which still need attention, especially the lakes. I shall try to put on new images each month which hopefully will show the improvement desired. At the end of the summer we should be able to assess if improvements have been made to bring the course back to its previous immaculate condition.

It has been noticeable that the greens, fairways and rough are now being irrigated on a regular basis. Also we saw on Monday water flowing into the 13th. So much water went ont the course we had to splash our way along the fairways!



Fred managed to find his way through the deluge!


Also some areas of the rough have been reseeded from scratch – this photo on the 2nd illustrates this. the new green shoots are already coming through.


In some areas of rough the grasses have grown and are already seeds are ready to propogate.


As the fairway grass starts to grow (it is warming up now) it is now being cut and is looking better.


Today the edgings of the bunkers have been trimmed, and look much better. We have had no other problems with the bunkers which are raked daily.


Also on a more overall picture, the native areas (sand) have matured well over the last 4 years, with the trees and grasses now looking impressive.



Above are several examples of improvement, but there is still a long way to go. Some areas have been reseeded, but adjoining areas have not.


Some patches of rough are still a mess and need attention.




As reported before hollow tine marks are still visible on the greens from work done 5 months ago. This is due to be repeated in the next 3 weeks. However, the greens are fast and true although it is difficult to raise a pitch mark on the hards greens.


Despite assurances, some of the tees do not look good.


The professional tees look better, although they get less use.

Here are pictures of the 2 lakes used for irrigation of the course (10th & 18th).



The main problem is obviously the 2 empty lakes which detract from all the other hard work being done. Once this problem is addressed the course can then rightfully take its place as the best course in the area.



The comments made do not reflect on the greenkeepers, who as always work very hard but perhaps need more help (and investment).

The winner of the members draw for March was Aubrey Burns (no 16). Thi must be claimed by May 10th.


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This week we had just about perfect conditions, with little wind and blue skies. Unfortunately, a couple of players believed the forecast of rain and did not turn up, leaving their 2 partners unable to enter the competition. In a singles this is not particularly a problem, but in team events it is very frustrating, and it is not the first time it has happened.

There were plenty of great scores from the 60 players who did take part, with only 0.9 separating the top 5 teams. My team were left to rue our bogey on 5 which left us 5th instead of 1st!

1st Nick Skelton, Tom Skelton. Adam Mottereshead, Cliff Mottershead…………….60.0
2nd Kevin Smith, Steve Rogers, Asmund Hiksdal, Asbjorn Hiksdal…………………60.2
3rd Paul Harrington, Fran Thomas, Jim Alwell, Stuart McColm……………………60.7

Next week is the monthly Apollo Air individual stableford.

The next special event is St. Georges Day, Tuesday April 22nd, which should be a riot of red and white. Will have to get out all those flags and banners which I threw into a darkened wardrobe after Englands’ latest failures at world and european championship finals!

Next up will be our Seve charity day on May 3rd which will raise money for our own CPR (condado primary response). Holes are available for sponsorsip at 20 euros each, and donations of raffle prizes etc. will be welcome.

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Since individual membership of Condado has been withdrawn, I have contacted local courses to find out what alternatives we have. Both Lorca and Hacienda del Alamo have attractive membership offers with a variety of options.

Condado de Alhama (7 days 6 course)

Individual 1768e (green fee 8e)
Family 2215e (green fee 8e)

Hacienda del Alamo rates

1 year individual 2050e (no green fee)
2 years 3099e

Add spouse for
1 year 1230e (3280e – no green fee)
2 years 1860e (4959e – no green fee)

5 day membership

1 year 1490e (no green fee) (73% of 7 day rate)
2 years 2210e (no green fee)

Lorca membership offers

The full membership (from Monday to Sunday) rates are:

Individual yearly membership: At the moment we have 999€ and we can give you an extra month (13 months) or 10% discount if you pay it in once. Gf 18 holes 5€.

Individual yearly membership without additional Green Fee: At the moment we have 1.199€ and we can give you an extra month (13 months) or 10% discount if you pay it in once . Gf 18 holes 0€.

So, the Monday to Friday memberships rates are:

Individual yearly membership Monday to Friday: At the moment we have 899€ and we can give you an extra month (13 months) or 10% discount if you pay it in once. Gf 18 holes 5€. (90% 0f 7 day rate)

Individual yearly membership Monday to Friday without additional Green Fee: At the moment we have 1.199€ and we can give you an extra month (13 months) or 10% discount if you pay it in once . Green Fee 18 holes 0€.

My suggestion to IRM was to offer a 5 day membership on the 6 courses at the same price as the one course membership was – (1331e individual and 1768e for family). This I am sure would suit most of the current members, and would leave courses with spaces for higher paying visitors at weekends. The reply i received about membership never even referred to this option – just that the plan was always to have membership of the 6 courses only.

Residents can then still play our own course without extra cost. Implementation of the 7 day, 6 course membership without any other option will result in a severe loss of revenue for IRM.

A new offer has now come out – from 162e per month. But this is still an annual membership paid in 12 instalments. The cost for a year under this scheme will cost 1749.60 euros. Cheaper than the annual membership of 1768 euros (still 8 euros a round green fee).

So these are some of your options. Also you can search around for the best green fee deals and pay and play.


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