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the winners........

the winners……..

The weather was near perfect for golf, with no wind for the early starters and cloud cover to stop the blazing sun. It must have been heaven for the escapees from the UK. We had 49 players in the pairs competition and 9 in the guest section.

The winners were the all girls team of Kim Lloyd and Torild Lailey.

1st Kim Lloyd & Torild Lailey……………62
2nd John Garry & Julian Wright……….63 (on countback)
3rd Paul Brigg & Owen Moore………….63

Guest prize

Arthur Valentine…..35pts

Longest drive


Gerry Gorman

longest drive.....

mens longest drive…..


Astrid Spieler

Astrid was ladies longest hitter.......

Astrid was ladies longest hitter…….

Nearest pin in 2 (15th)

Chris King

Chris was nearest pin on 15 in 2.......

Chris was nearest pin on 15 in 2…….

Ladies nearest pin

Torild Lailey

At the presentation the incoming captain, Paul Briggs announced that his vice captain will be Dave Rollett.

There were 68 people attended the presentation, with great music from Debbie Slater and a fun music bingo session, with the winners having to limbo for their money!

no world limbo record for Phil.......

no world limbo record for Phil…….

Next week is a 4 person texas scramble, but we have only spaces for 48 players due to a visiting party behind us, so get your names down early.


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A3 Cartel Licencias copy

On Thursday we were told that anyone without a spanish golf federation licence must pay 3 euros insurance. When asked how much the licence was they didn’t know! Not much good then. Your English/Norwegian/any other country insurance is not acceptable. Seems rate is in region of 73 euros per year so if visiting pay the 3.


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The Lakes………..

This photo of the 4th was taken last week.......

This photo of the 4th was taken last week…….

The question was asked of IRM – what is happening to the lakes? Initially the answer was that they will be filled soon. Soon in spanish is the same as manana – sometime in the future. After some pressing we did get a more definitive answer.

Evaporation from the lakes costs 30,000 euros a year (no leaks, only heat related). Water in Murcia is very expensive. The water in lakes holes 9 and 10 are necessary for irrigating the course. Lakes at holes 4, 5, and 13 are for aesthetic purposes only – that is to make the course look pretty. So the empty lakes will not be filled in the immediate future.

IRM will not spend money on the course to make it look prettier. At the same time, they have reduced the number of greenkeeper from 19 to 10. I have said for a few weeks that the course is in the worst condition I have seen it. Hollow tine marks still cover the greens – this was done in September. The rough contains many bare patches and this problem is being only partly addressed. At the same time as reducing costs, IRM intend to raise green fees to 90/100 euros for casual visitors which will suggest we have a top course by the price.

They obviously have been very successful in marketing the course as most days it is very busy. Golf packages staying at La Torre and Mar Menor are incredibly cheap and it seems hard to believe that they are making money from these offers.

While the design of the course is tremendous, lack of care will eventually be obvious and the reputation of our course will be damaged. It seems they are also trying to drive away the ‘bread and butter’ players – the course members. Annual membership has been withdrawn and the only other options are 6 course membership (another 437 euros, and transport costs to the other 5 courses) or pay and play. In this economic crisis there are plenty of other courses offering cheap green fees and membership with many possible options. We don’t want to leave Condado – we bought here to play here!

If anyone is listening from the banks reconsider your actions now before the damage is done!


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all the winners together........

all the winners together……..

Sorry for the late posting but my laptop packed up last Wednesday, and have just had viruses dealt with. I would probably have been put on a waiting list for 6 months if I was in the UK!

This week we had 37 players with warm sunshine and a little wind. Despite the good conditions only one player broke par.

1st division

1st. Chris King……..34pts
2nd. Jim Hershaw…32pts

chris won 1st division......

chris won 1st division……

2nd division

1st. Neil Simpson….35pts
2nd Les Hurren………32pts


1st. Torild Lailey…..34pts
2nd. Barbara Rollett….32pts

Torilod won the ladies.......

Torild won the ladies…….

Guest prize

Alison Valentine……38pts

guest alison had the best score of day.......

guest alison had the best score of day…….

Next week is our 2nd major of the year, the Graham White pairs strokeplay championship. The current holders are Jane Hutchinson and Owen Moore. Pairs will be drawn at 7.30pm next Wednesday night in the Clover. The presentation will be at 7.30pm on Friday in the Bistro Bulgaria. The meal costs 12 euros so please book (and pay) by Wednesday. There will be a live singer (as opposed to a dead one!).

On easter sunday there will be a fun day at the Condado Club in aid of our charity which this year is CPR.(Condado Primary Response).

Remember that society membership is due for renewal from April 1st. This year we have green society shirts and they are available from Kevin each Wednesday & Friday in the Clover (15 euros).

We have just received a reply from IRM regarding the lakes. I will post this under a separate report.


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This Friday is the Graham White pairs competition, all those that wish to play should come to the Clover Bar this Wednesday 7pm at the latest to put their names down as the pairs will be drawn that evening.  On the Friday evening there is the presentation and social event at the Bistro Bulgaria, with entertainment from Michele Slater, this event is open to all residents not just golfers or members of the golf society.

There will be a special priced menu available for only €12

First course ;-

a) Chicken Livers
b) Crispy Mushrooms
c) Creamy Tomato Soup
d) Shopska Salad
e) Prawn Cocktail


Second Course – Served with Rice, Mashed Potato or Chips

a) Beef in Red Wine Sauce
b) Chicken Shish Kebab
c) Pork Fillet in Tomato & garlic Sause
d) Lasagne
e) Chicken Julien
f) Trout

There will also be a free prize raffle with first and second prizes of €50 and €25.

Booking is essential, if you wish to come to the evening event please email Cath on Cath@cdagolf.com and let her know your choice from the menu.

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this weeks blog

Sorry no results from Friday but had virus on PC. Have written this on kindle but PC should be back tomorrow then I can post pictures.


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Start times changed

Times for tomorrow (Friday) are now 9 -11 not 10 – 12 so please check start sheet on board.


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Fred Bolt?.........

Fred Bolt?………

Thanks go to Fred and Bernie Twomey who instigated this St Patricks day competition 2 years ago. They have put a lot of time and effort into making it a success along with others too numerous to mention.

For St Patricks Day the forecast rain never materialised although as last out at 09.40 we got a few drops on the first holes. The wind was minimal and from the south, but to me it was still cold, needing an extra windbreaker, woolly hat and snood. Due to a combination of weather threats, cold and a bad swing I joined Phil in retiring to the bar after nine – Kev joined the 3 ball in front. I apololgise for not completing but didn’t regret it it once we were in the bar! I suppose I was punished when I found out that I couldn’t get a pint of guinness – it was off! Not good on St Patricks Day?

St Pat's Day ...... a pub without Guinness?

St Pat’s Day …… a pub without Guinness?

The few holes I did play managed to produce one highlight – on 8 Kev put his drive into a bunker I didn’t know existed – just in front of the ladies tee! when I drove the long way round in the buggy I thought I would be too late to get a photo – but I managed to get a picture of his 3rd shot out of it! Although I found it funny to see his 2nd attempt to hit the face and bounce back over his head, when I reached mine (also in a fairway bunker) I got my just desserts when I did the same – my shot finished up behind me! Another point to add – Phil and I deserted Kev after 8 to retire to the bar. He then joined Kim, Dave and Brian and from the 9th tee he managed to put it on the green in 3 shots. He had that many in the pot bunker on the 8th! Stupid game as Phil would say.

didn't know that bunker existed.........

didn’t know that bunker existed………

Despite the no-shows we had 46 players on a busy day with the course full of visitors and weekend residents.

thanks to Ado who handed out the cards, collected the money and checked in final scores......

thanks to Ado who handed out the cards, collected the money and checked in final scores……


Ist Julie Simpson………….44pts
2nd Torild Lailey………….36pts (countback)
3rd John Pitman……………36pts

Division 1

1st Jim Alwell……………35pts
2nd Chris King……………33pts

Division 2

1st Sandy Simpson…………34pts
2nd Mick Parsons………….32pts


1st Eli Holdhus…………34pts
2nd Kim Lloyd…………..32pts

Longest drive

Men Pete Elgar
Ladies Julie Simpson

Nearest Pin

7th Kim Lloyd
Men Jan Jakobsen
Ladies unclaimed

Nearest string

Men Jim Alwell
Ladies Alicia Saunders

The evening presentation was well organised and there were many prizes on offer. thanks to Christobal and Juan from the shop and bar for donated a very nice prize for nearest the pin on 7.

Ana gives Kim her prize.......

Ana gives Kim her prize…….

winner of St Pat's & longest drive.......

winner of St Pat’s & longest drive…….

Torild was 2nd best......

Torild was 2nd best……

straightest & div 1 winner Jim....

straightest & div 1 winner Jim….

runner-up in div 1....

runner-up in div 1….

Sandy won div 2.....

Sandy won div 2…..

Eli won the ladies.....

Eli won the ladies…..

Pete was the big hitter on the day.....

Pete was the big hitter on the day…..

kim was nearest at the 7th & 2nd in ladies.....

kim was nearest at the 7th & 2nd in ladies…..

Jan was nearest pin......

Jan was nearest pin……

Alicia was the straightest........

Alicia was the straightest……..

This was followed by the buffet provided free by many of the participants – others could partake subject to a donation to our CPR fund. Alicia, Kim, Dorothy and Cath served the food and deserve our thanks.

thanks girls.......

thanks girls…….

After, the irish music (and more) was provided by Sandy and the bar was rocking.

Dave has tried viking helmets, elvis wigs, now he is a leprauchaun......

Dave has tried viking helmets, elvis wigs, now he is a leprauchaun……

the party was in full swing.......

the party was in full swing…….

The course is still not at its best with brown fairways and hollow tine marks from a few months ago still visible on the greens. On a good note it looks like that work is being carried out in the rough areas, but there are no GUR markings which should be there for relief.

We have a response from IRM regarding course membership. We can have 6 course membership and pay monthly. Possibly worth 8 euros if you keep your 1700 euros in the bank for 12 months at 1% interest?

I will contact local courses and advertise their offers due to there being no option at Condado de Alhama.


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4 person team Friday March 15th 2013

2 of the winners.....Ian & Stewart....

2 of the winners…..Ian & Stewart….

famiiar faces in 2nd.....

famiiar faces in 2nd…..

It is a shame when the winners aren’t there……the presentation was delayed until almost 6.30pm…..

After the strong winds during the week, the 47 players found the slight breeze manageable, and the warm sunshine was very welcome. The competition was a testing format with 2 counting on the 1st 6 holes, 3 on 7 to 12 and all 4 players counting the last 6 holes. It soon became apparent to me that a score of around par (108pts) would be very good. This proved to be true with only one team scraping past that mark.


Sean O’Hara, John Pitman, Stewart Legg, Ian Gibson


Kim Lloyd, Dave Lloyd, Barry Barker, Chris King

Again the greenkeeper got out of bed the wrong way and placed the pins in difficult (if not impossible) positions. As usual 13 was hidden away in a corner with a 3 putt almost guaranteed, but the killer was on 12. This was just beyond the greenside bunker on the right, but was cut halfway down the slope. Downhill,downwind, your putt trickled past the hole, almost stopped then ran off the green. The putt back if it didn’t go in ran back to your feet again. In our match 4 good drives ended with zero points for all 4 of us!

Once in the bar though, we were happy with everyone getting a seat after the delivery of 72 shiny new aluminium chairs and tables.

Again I would ask all society members to contact IRM over the withdrawal of membership of Condado. You may not be a member or intend to join this year, but I think most of us bought here because we were living on a Jack Nicklaus signature course. The banks seem to want to drive us away to play elsewhere, so please reister a protest with cmartin@irmgolfexperience.com

More news to follow tomorrow after the St Patricks Day stableford and Irish ‘craick’ night in the Clover.


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the victorious scots with president & captain.......

the victorious scots with president & captain…….

We had very spring-like conditions for the 4 person team stableford (3 to count each hole), with strong winds making scoring very difficult. The blue skies and warm sunshine allowed players to dress for summer. As the scores came in it became increasingly obvious that a below par score might be in with a chance of a prize. Par for 3 scores a hole is 108pts, and not one team reached that mark. Normally 120 plus is the target, so it showed how difficult the conditions were. Also tricky pin positions like on the hog’s back on 13 didn’t help. 106pts proved to be sufficient for the all scots team of:

Sandy Simpson, Dorothy Simpson, Jim Fricker & Pearl Fricker……………106pts

2nd place one point behind were:

Ken Saunders, Alicia Saunders, Jostein Lansvik & Phil Tann…………….105pts

After the heroics of 2 weeks ago Peter Reeves was back down to earth with a bang! I was not playing, but went out to watch Peter and his team play the 9th. Receiving 3 shots start on the hole, Peter smashed his drive over the road into perfect position just short of the water. Another fine shot followed which was level with the par 5 green but out to the left. So he was close to the green in – 1 shots?

He just has to chip it on and be there in zero (5 under par)? No, Peter entertained me with his next 7 shots and retired when still not on the green! Into the fairway bunker, out into the greenside bunker, left the next shot in, then through the back of the green, his chip then past the flag and back down to the fairway at the front, then back into the greenside bunker. Finally out onto the fringe and then finished in his pocket! Very entertaining Peter we can always be assured that your game is never boring!

Well I did sing your praises when you were the match winner!


Peter’s 2nd was to the right of his buggy…..he duffed the simple shot into the fairway bunker…..

At the AGM this week a member brought up the issue of dress code – so who of the following is trying and who is not?

pricey jeans/trainers.....shorts/golf shoes/no socks/pint....shirt/tie/trousers/shoes?

pricey jeans/trainers…..shorts/golf shoes/no socks/pint….shirt/tie/trousers/shoes?

Remember the 2 Ronnies sketch with John Cleese?…. I look down on him because…. I look up to him because…..

News this week is that IRM have withdrawn the option to become an annual member at Condado de Alhama (and also the other 5 courses on the trail). The only option now is membership of the 6 courses, which will result in an additional cost of 437 euros to a current individual member and 447 euros for family membership.

In addition to the price increase, residents of Condado will have a round trip of nearly 90 minutes to each of the other 5 courses, and aproximately 100 km in mileage and fuel costs. Maybe individual members at the other 5 courses are not affected as much with all courses being within 15 minutes of each other. We have always said that Condado should be treated as a separate entity to the other 5 courses due to its remoteness from the rest.

Not every Condado member can afford this outlay in the current difficult economic climate so any increase in costs will reduce IRM’s revenue. The bankers shuffle numbers around to make figures look better, but they have made a big mistake this time. Current members who cannot or will not pay the increased fee will have to pay and play, and will have the option to play elsewhere. They will simply look around for the best price (perhaps with different societies). Several courses are putting on excellent deals at the moment and Hacienda del Alamo (which is 20 minutes away) have a massive choice of membership options at very competitive prices. Anyone who wants more information please contact me and I will give you the necessary details.

Our only option is to contact the IRM management individually with our thoughts, concerns and protests. Please all support this whether you are currently a member or not. Perhaps some of you may consider individual membership even if you are a holidaymaker. Many scandinavians are already course members while their benefits are marginal, but extra costs and more travelling is not an attractive option.

If you feel strongly about this please email the manager of Condado de Alhama Christobal Martin at
cmartin@irmgolfexperience.com He will forward all to IRM.

Individual replies will carry more weight than a petition.

In view of the previous comments this last item may seem irrelevant, but Jan Jakobsen and Mick Parsons are arranging a competition for course members to be played for over the next 10 months. Details can be found in the link below.

As a society the committee cannot promote a competition which does not include all. This trophy would exclude 95% of the membership, so it will be run outside the society by course members for course members.

The society has gained many benefits for its members but they tend to favour those who are not members of the course (discounted green fees, cheap buggies etc.). Course members cannot share a buggy with a visitor at the reduced rate of 5 euros. It seems they get the thin edge of the wedge with little in the way of benefits through the society.

What can be done though is to publicise it here so our course members are aware. Any queries should be directed to the organisers Mick Parsons & Jan Jakobsen. IRM do not provide trophies and competitions within each individual course with honours boards & weekly competitions run by themselves. We have seen a club who do – Desert Springs have impressive honours boards prominently displayed in their magnificent clubhouse – so it can be done.

Well done to Mick and Jan for taking it upon themselves to organise a members cup so please support them.

Members Eclectic Trophy (2)

Next Friday is a 4 person team again with 2 to count on holes 1 – 6, 3 on 7 -12, 4 on 13 – 18. Sunday is the St Patricks day individual stableford with the presentation and Irish entertainer in the Clover at night. Good Friday is Graham White Pairs strokeplay.

Seve Trophy is May 3rd and hole sponsorship is available at 20 euros.

Who was the kind person who offered to sponsor the Viking Cup shirts for the UK & Ireland team in October? The cost is expected to be 600 -700 euros for 40 shirts – sponsors name or business details will be embossed on the sleeve and they will get an advert in the diary and on the website. Please contact Dave Lloyd at dave@cdagolf.com


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