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the winners........

the winners……..

The weather was near perfect for golf, with no wind for the early starters and cloud cover to stop the blazing sun. It must have been heaven for the escapees from the UK. We had 49 players in the pairs competition and 9 in the guest section.

The winners were the all girls team of Kim Lloyd and Torild Lailey.

1st Kim Lloyd & Torild Lailey……………62
2nd John Garry & Julian Wright……….63 (on countback)
3rd Paul Brigg & Owen Moore………….63

Guest prize

Arthur Valentine…..35pts

Longest drive


Gerry Gorman

longest drive.....

mens longest drive…..


Astrid Spieler

Astrid was ladies longest hitter.......

Astrid was ladies longest hitter…….

Nearest pin in 2 (15th)

Chris King

Chris was nearest pin on 15 in 2.......

Chris was nearest pin on 15 in 2…….

Ladies nearest pin

Torild Lailey

At the presentation the incoming captain, Paul Briggs announced that his vice captain will be Dave Rollett.

There were 68 people attended the presentation, with great music from Debbie Slater and a fun music bingo session, with the winners having to limbo for their money!

no world limbo record for Phil.......

no world limbo record for Phil…….

Next week is a 4 person texas scramble, but we have only spaces for 48 players due to a visiting party behind us, so get your names down early.


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A3 Cartel Licencias copy

On Thursday we were told that anyone without a spanish golf federation licence must pay 3 euros insurance. When asked how much the licence was they didn’t know! Not much good then. Your English/Norwegian/any other country insurance is not acceptable. Seems rate is in region of 73 euros per year so if visiting pay the 3.


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The Lakes………..

This photo of the 4th was taken last week.......

This photo of the 4th was taken last week…….

The question was asked of IRM – what is happening to the lakes? Initially the answer was that they will be filled soon. Soon in spanish is the same as manana – sometime in the future. After some pressing we did get a more definitive answer.

Evaporation from the lakes costs 30,000 euros a year (no leaks, only heat related). Water in Murcia is very expensive. The water in lakes holes 9 and 10 are necessary for irrigating the course. Lakes at holes 4, 5, and 13 are for aesthetic purposes only – that is to make the course look pretty. So the empty lakes will not be filled in the immediate future.

IRM will not spend money on the course to make it look prettier. At the same time, they have reduced the number of greenkeeper from 19 to 10. I have said for a few weeks that the course is in the worst condition I have seen it. Hollow tine marks still cover the greens – this was done in September. The rough contains many bare patches and this problem is being only partly addressed. At the same time as reducing costs, IRM intend to raise green fees to 90/100 euros for casual visitors which will suggest we have a top course by the price.

They obviously have been very successful in marketing the course as most days it is very busy. Golf packages staying at La Torre and Mar Menor are incredibly cheap and it seems hard to believe that they are making money from these offers.

While the design of the course is tremendous, lack of care will eventually be obvious and the reputation of our course will be damaged. It seems they are also trying to drive away the ‘bread and butter’ players – the course members. Annual membership has been withdrawn and the only other options are 6 course membership (another 437 euros, and transport costs to the other 5 courses) or pay and play. In this economic crisis there are plenty of other courses offering cheap green fees and membership with many possible options. We don’t want to leave Condado – we bought here to play here!

If anyone is listening from the banks reconsider your actions now before the damage is done!


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all the winners together........

all the winners together……..

Sorry for the late posting but my laptop packed up last Wednesday, and have just had viruses dealt with. I would probably have been put on a waiting list for 6 months if I was in the UK!

This week we had 37 players with warm sunshine and a little wind. Despite the good conditions only one player broke par.

1st division

1st. Chris King……..34pts
2nd. Jim Hershaw…32pts

chris won 1st division......

chris won 1st division……

2nd division

1st. Neil Simpson….35pts
2nd Les Hurren………32pts


1st. Torild Lailey…..34pts
2nd. Barbara Rollett….32pts

Torilod won the ladies.......

Torild won the ladies…….

Guest prize

Alison Valentine……38pts

guest alison had the best score of day.......

guest alison had the best score of day…….

Next week is our 2nd major of the year, the Graham White pairs strokeplay championship. The current holders are Jane Hutchinson and Owen Moore. Pairs will be drawn at 7.30pm next Wednesday night in the Clover. The presentation will be at 7.30pm on Friday in the Bistro Bulgaria. The meal costs 12 euros so please book (and pay) by Wednesday. There will be a live singer (as opposed to a dead one!).

On easter sunday there will be a fun day at the Condado Club in aid of our charity which this year is CPR.(Condado Primary Response).

Remember that society membership is due for renewal from April 1st. This year we have green society shirts and they are available from Kevin each Wednesday & Friday in the Clover (15 euros).

We have just received a reply from IRM regarding the lakes. I will post this under a separate report.


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This Friday is the Graham White pairs competition, all those that wish to play should come to the Clover Bar this Wednesday 7pm at the latest to put their names down as the pairs will be drawn that evening.  On the Friday evening there is the presentation and social event at the Bistro Bulgaria, with entertainment from Michele Slater, this event is open to all residents not just golfers or members of the golf society.

There will be a special priced menu available for only €12

First course ;-

a) Chicken Livers
b) Crispy Mushrooms
c) Creamy Tomato Soup
d) Shopska Salad
e) Prawn Cocktail


Second Course – Served with Rice, Mashed Potato or Chips

a) Beef in Red Wine Sauce
b) Chicken Shish Kebab
c) Pork Fillet in Tomato & garlic Sause
d) Lasagne
e) Chicken Julien
f) Trout

There will also be a free prize raffle with first and second prizes of €50 and €25.

Booking is essential, if you wish to come to the evening event please email Cath on Cath@cdagolf.com and let her know your choice from the menu.

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this weeks blog

Sorry no results from Friday but had virus on PC. Have written this on kindle but PC should be back tomorrow then I can post pictures.


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Start times changed

Times for tomorrow (Friday) are now 9 -11 not 10 – 12 so please check start sheet on board.


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