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News update

Just back from holiday so I will update you the latest news. There is still no sign of the new buggies which were promised for August. This has resulted in the Condado v Mar Menor challenge being postponed until November as the visiting team will not play without buggies.

I have been in the bar and a pint is 3 euros but we have gained a concession for the society – it will be 2.50 euros on Fridays. The bar closes at 6.30.

Javier Garralon is the head professional for Global Golf and will give lessons at Condado maybe 2 days a week, either private or clinics if the numbers are sufficient.

It appears that the lake on 13 is being filled.

The slope index was altered by Global Golf on June 16th but no one had posted it. We will use the old slope index until Phil changes the formula on the handicap list. This should be updated in time for next week.

Prices have gone up due to the increase in IVA imposed by the government. Society members now pay 45 euros (with a shared buggy) or 39 euros walking. Course members now pay 8 euros for 18 holes and 5 euros for 9 holes. The 4 euro charge for insurance will also be reintroduced but with proof of your own insurance it will not be applied.

The diary goes to print this week with all fixtures for 2013 in it. Our thanks go to Dave Lloyd who has worked very hard to manage the project.

Reduced prices are available at Lorca from August 30th due to hollow tining. From August 30th until September 9th it will be 20 euros including buggy. A good chance to see the layout even if the greens are bad. The week after it is 20 euros plus 10 euros for the buggy. Condado will be hollow tined next weekend so we go to El Valle Friday September 7th with Condado prices.

The Ladies Day major is on September 14th and non golfers can join in a fun putting competition. There will be a buffet on the patio of the Clover later. This is 12 euros a head (for a change we won’t need a bus!).

Eli had to snatch the skis back from Sue……………………….

Well. I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Norway, where Sue and I were looked after like royalty. Thank you Torkild and Karin Dahl for our stay in Oslo, and Jan and Eli Holdhus for looking after us in Voss (their mountain cabin) and in Bergen, where we watched the cruise liners sail past their balcony. We were also invited to dinner parties at Bent and Lene Christiansen’s home near Oslo and Benedickte and Helge Kristoffersen’s Dallas like place in Bergen. I was impressed with Helge’s home made driving range in the back garden – with the fjord 100 metres away you don’t get any balls back!). I also played golf with Jostein Landsvik and Jan Holdhus at their beautiful woodland course in Bergen. Jostein took us back to his new apartment overlooking the fjord. Several othe Condado members joined us at different times – we travelled to Norway with Sissel and Borre Hagen; in Oslo Andy and Torild Lailey joined us for dinner at Torkilds; At Benedicktes we were joined by Rune and Inger Wingsternes, Arnie and Karin Kristoffersen and Jan and Kristin Skjold. Jan and Kristin invited us for a meal on their 43 foot sailboat. Unfortunately the Bergen weather reared its head and torrential rain meant we could not leave the harbour, and I had to force down steamed mussels, norwegian prawns, smoked salmon and trout. We got drenched running 80 yards to the bar to watch premiership football. I now know a lot about the norwegian league and their players. It seemed to be quite a good standard.

Another treat was for us to use Jan and Eli’s skis in the snow covered mountains. Other highlights were the trip back on the 6 hour train journey through the lakes, mountains, waterfalls and woods from Bergen to Oslo – a truly memorable experience.

We went to the top of the Holmenkellen ski jump in Oslo which looked quite suicidal for anyone to jump off it.

A fjord trip around the islands of Oslo was also a great experience. One day when rain threatened, Jan and Eli took us out to the Skerries where the sun still shone – Theis is the nearest point to the Shetland isles, and there were many small picturesque fishing villages to see.

I had been warned about the price of a pint – my first one cost 14 euros and I only managed to reduce it to about 9 euros with shopping around! In an overnight stay on the way to Bergen 3 bottles of wine (we were thirsty) cost about 150 euros – I was in shock! But it was worth it to see such a beautiful country and meet so many great friends from Condado on their own turf.

We are short of water but if only we had one waterfall like this…………………..

Goodnight from Jan and Eli’s balcony…………………..



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Friday 24th August

4 person Texas scramble
Sorry for the delay in reporting this weeks results, again the internet has been down.

This week was a fun day in the diary, and it was announced that it would be a 4 person Texas scramble. Played in very hot conditions, again we are still having problems with not enough buggies,

2 teams stood out above the rest; there was 11 teams in total, 42 players.

2nd place was Paul Harrington, Paul Harrington (Jnr), Les Hurren, Neil Simpson.
1st place was James Crilly, Alex Freel, John Walcolm, Tom Toner.

Next Friday is individual stapleford sheets now in golf shop.

Dates to look forward to.
3rd or 4th September is the return match against Mar Menor, we are awaiting confirmation from them of the date, once we have this we will post a notice on the board and the first 20 players will take part.

7th September, we are having away day at El Valle as our course is closed for 3 or 4 days for annual maintenance. Names can now be taken for any interested players, you will get normal Society rates.

14th September, is our first ladies day Tournament. sponsored by Cath Emmett-smith, players sheet is now on the notice board. We are also having on this day a putting comp for all those ladies who don’t play golf but would like to try there hand at putting, details of the times will be on the notice board.

23rd October is the Viking cup, and anyone who wants to play can now register at the following email addresses, davelloyd.home@yahoo.co.uk or jandskjold@gmail.com We will also put this information on notice board.

I Have been advised by the golf shop that as of the 1st September there is price increases to take effect. Society rates will be 45 euros with buggy, and 39 euros walking. The green fee for members will go up to 8 euros. There is also a increase on yearly membership not sure of these prices yet, once we have more information we will let you know.

Next week will see the return of Barry, we hope he had a great time and I am sure our Norwegian friends will have looked after him.

Friday 17th August Individual stableford (monthly Apollo Air Trophy)

This week we had 43 players in very warm conditions with little wind, we had some fantastic scores, and anybody in the mid thirties was not in the picture.


2nd Division

3rd 36 pts – Les Hurren

2nd -40 pts – Brian Eyes

1st – 44 pts – Paul Harrington (Jnr)

1st Division

3rd – 40 pts – Simon Newlove

2nd – 40-pts – Tim Beiseigel (on count back)

1st – 41 pts – Salvador Carnaval

Apollo Air Winner

45 pts – James Rule.

Neil from the Clover Bar very kindly supplied all those who had a 2 on the day, with a free shot. They were, Simon Newlove, Tim Beiseigal, Paul Harrington (Jnr).

Sunday is the Annual Fiesta comp, with prizes kindly donated by Global Golf, Clover Bar, and the Golf Society.  Tee times are on the society board in the shop so please put your names down, normal society rates apply if you are not a course member and all are welcome.

Next weeks sheets are also in the shop, next Friday is a 4 person Texas scramble.

Any body wanting a cheap round of golf, Tuesday 21st August we are at Aguilon for only 25 euros including buggy.

Contact Kevin on 669 413 946, before Saturday evening.

One for your diary, Friday 14th September is the societies very first

Ladies Day.  A Trophy has very kindly been sponsored by Catherine Emmett-Smith. This is a ladies day and we want to encourage as many ladies (that don’t play golf as well as the golfers), to take part in a putting comp. so if you have not played golf before please don’t be put off.  This will be a fantastic way to meet people and try your hand on the putting green, there will be prizes followed by in the evening a presentation, food and entertainment at the Clover Bar, more information and tickets will be available soon (see the social events page).

Contact Cath on email cathkevin123@hotmail.co.uk to add your name to the list or get further information.

I am very pleased to announce that the bar in the golf shop is now open, the guy that is running it is very friendly, and his name is Juan.

Barry is away at this moment so I do hope I have given you all the information you need.


We have one unclaimed prize from July 27th. Steve Blowers needs to claim it by August 27th. Contact cathkevin123@hotmail.co.uk

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Captains Day Friday August 10th 2012

A record entry of 74 players took part in Kevin Smith’s Captains Day stableford competition. There could have been more, but some possible players baulked at the idea of playing in the intense heat without a buggy (there are still only 15 on site and no sign yet of the promised 30 buggies due this month). It really was hot, and the players appreciated the free drinks supplied by Kevin on the 12th, and the service provided by Sue and Jean.

Jean and Sue get a thank you from Captain Kev…………

Things could have been even worse, as within 5 minutes of the last players leaving the 18th green a sandstorm raced up the resort from the direction of Lorca reducing visibility to just a few yards. It really just looked like a white wall approaching. Trees were bent over, one palm lost its top, 2 cars in the carpark were damaged by two large pieces of roof from the mailbox area. The speed of the accompanying wind brought debris from everywhere. The temperature must have increased by at least 10 degrees and it felt like being in an oven. Any earlier and the players would have had to rush for cover – not that there is any on the course! Surrounding areas were unaffected but it raced straight through the centre of Condado.

Anyway, back to the golf. The cup was keenly contested, with about a dozen players within 4 shots of the eventual winner. It was a second major triumph this year for a lady golfer – Sissel Hagen from Norway came in with 40 pts. Sissel has been unable to play for several months due to a leg injury, but has been back for 2 or 3 weeks with a hefty strapping on her leg which seemed to help very well!

The winners putter was donated by Tony Morton………….thanks Tony….

Paul Harrington jnr was again the leading junior, following his nett 59 in the Strokeplay championship with 44pts off his new handicap! Lets see if he can win the individual stableford next week off his next handicap! I think a special mention should be made of 15 year old Connor Mahon, who although he did not win the junior prize came in with a super 38pts off 3.7 handicap! It looks like his will be a name to remember in the future. Also young Harry Valentine managed a 2 at the 17th.

‘Little’ Paul with his prizes………….

At the other end of the age range pensioner Roly Archer had a magnificent 42pts to win the guest prize.

Roly gets a team shirt…………….


Captains Cup

Winner…40pts…….Sissel Hagen

1st division

1st……39pts……Paul Harrington (on back 6 countback)
2nd …..39pts……Shane Vivian
3rd……38pts……Brett Goodson

2nd division

1st…….38pts……David Wareing
2nd…….37pts……Mick Parsons (on back 9 countback)
3rd…….37pts……Shaun Witter


1st…….38pts……Kristin Quamme


1st…….44pts……Paul Harrington jnr


1st…….42pts……Roly Archer

Nearest pin

Men…….Ray Vivian
Ladies….Sissel Hagen

Longest drive

Men…….Steve Rogers
Ladies….Joan Scanlan


Borre Hagen * 2
Benedickte Kristoffersen
Ian Murnin
Harry Valentine

A couple of amusing incidents – on the 6th tee Simon Wroe’s tee shot sent the blue marker flying and rebounded past him into the shrubbery in front of the professional’s tee! What is the penalty for not reaching the ladies tee?

I played with the winner of the 2nd division – Dave Wareing. On the 1st hole he managed to get a free drop from plants down the right with his first 2 shots. His 3rd found an horrendous lie above the bunker at the back of the green. He just managed to clear it with his chip but was still in the rough. His one good shot on the hole was a delicate chip straight into the cup! We should have known it was his day after that! With nothing special happening for him after 11 holes, his wife Pauline brought out her famous sausage butties for us all on the 12th – we all hit super drives, but it was only ‘sausage Dave’ as he is affectionately called who kept up his form to the end, turning an average round into a winning one thanks to Richmonds.

Sausage Dave with Tim Beisiegel and Anthony Howell…….it’s sausage time……..

Room in Blackburn’s trophy cabinet if he wants somewhere to store it………….

1st division winner Paul had a birdie putt on 18 horseshoe out…… It would have won him the Captain’s Cup……..

With Sissel winning the cup, Kristin managed to pick up the ladies prize…………………

The evening presentation at Mariano’s restaurant was a great success with 96 guests arriving by coach or their own transport. The room was so big it looks like perhoaps 200 could be seated comfortably. Kev got the night away to a good start by telling a nice clean joke (although he had to stand on his toes to reach the mike). Paul Briggs ably assisted him in the presentation of trophies. The dance floor was full for most of the night.

The norwegian girls say they are not supposed to be seen or heard…………………

Can you imagine the same rule being applied to Neil and Les?……………………

There was also a raffle for many prizes which had been donated – this raised a fantastic total of 275 euros for the Condado Charity CPR. This will be a rapid response team to help any resident in need of medical assistance. A Citroen 3 is being raffled for this cause. Call in at the Clover for a ticket (10 euros). It will be drawn at the fiesta at the end of next week.

It seems that a few members did not think that a lady should be allowed to win captain’s day. Although this may be the norm at many golf clubs in the UK where ladies have their own section and their own trophies, we have always included our lady members in all our major competitions. We are a society not a private club, and as such treat all our adult members alike. We do not have enough lady members for them to play solely for their own cups and trophies. Many other societies around the Costa Calida include ladies in all their events.

The draw for the July members draw was made and the winner was 544 Semb Jon. The prize of 2 green fees for any IRM course needs to be claimed (not collected) by September 10th or it will be used for another purpose. It has also been confirmed that these vouchers can be used at any of the 6 courses – we had recently been told they were only for Condado.

Next weeks competition is the monthly Apollo Air trophy which will be an individual stableford event. Please remember to collect your scorecards in the clubhouse (on the table to the left of the counter) and put them in the box behind the 18th tee after your round. The presentation as usual will be in the Clover at 5pm.

Unfortunately, there will be no blog for the next 2 weeks. I am going to Norway for a 2 week break from the heat. Our many Norwegian friends have kindly invited us over to see their beautiful country. It was a destination I never considered pre-retirement as holiday time was so precious and I generally chose hot spots around the world. Our time will be spent both in Oslo and Bergen, and I looking forward to seeing the wonderful scenery (and our friends from Condado). Phil is also on holiday in a tent in the south of France (not spending the communities’ money as some may think) so hopefully Kev will save me the results of the Apollo Air monthly stableford and the fun day and I will post the information after the individual stableford on August 28th.


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Just need tables, chairs and umbrellas now…………..

This week was a 4 person texas scramble with 64 players taking part. Some sensational scores were again recorded with the top 6 teams being separated by just one shot.


Paul Harrington, Anthony Howell, Fred Harrington & Paul Harrington jnr


Shane Vivian, Jim Alwell, Owen Moore & John Pitman


Paul Mason, Erik Larsen, Mike Kruger & Erik Nielsen

Early morning cloud cover kept the intense heat away for a while but surely thunderstorms musn’t be far away to give us some relief?

It was nice to see the buggies lined up down the buggy path ready for the golfers – everything just seems more welcoming now we have our clubhouse. A few more nice touches have been added this week with golfing decals being placed across many of the glass surfaces, and a lovely mural on the outside wall with a map of the course set on top of a picture of the 3rd hole. The latest news is that IRM (the banks) intend to run the bar/kitchen themselves and this should be ready in 2 weeks.

the awnings wiil provide shade with a cool drink……………

while having that drink you have a great view down the 1st…………….

the lettering on the entrance looks very professional……………….

the big mural is very impressive……………..

the approach has a picture of the 10th and gives a good first impression……………………

the buggies will be lined up on the roundabout………………

Next week is captains day and already there are lots of names on the start sheet. If you want to go to the evening party at Mariano’s restaurant in Camposol A, contact cath@cdagolf.com


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Teaching options

Here are two options if you need lessons. One is with Fred Harrington a society member who will be on the Hi5 tour later this year.

Condado De Alhama Golf teaching leaflets-1

The other is Global Golf’s offer which may require you to go to Mar Menor or La Torre.


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