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This week we had 24 players in the new year blind pairs stableford. Again we were blessed with blue skies and the greens were, as usual, excellent.

Players brought a wrapped bottle to the presentation and these were drawn out.

There was some great individual scoring, but that did not mean that the best player got a prize – Tim Beisegel had the best score of the day (39pts) but was drawn with the worst (21pts) and therefore got nothing! Unlucky Tim. Only one pair got a prize (a new society golf shirt) but here are the best scores.

Blind pairs

1st..68.. Graham White (36) and Dorothy Simpson (32)
2nd..65.. Sandy Simpson (39) and Dave Dale (26)
3rd..64…Martyn Currie (36) and David Wareing (28)


Tim Beisegel…….39pts
Sandy Simpson……39pts
Kevin Smith……..37pts
Martyn Currie……36pts
Graham White…….36pts

Various free draw prizes were given – a shoe bag, scorecard holder, mug, sunvisor, pitchmark repairer and a few car stickers. All these have the society logo on.

I will not speculate on the rumours surrounding a clubhouse being installed – lets just wait until the actual work begins. We have had too many false dawns.

When we have contact details for the new management company (Global Golf) we shall arrange a meeting to decide how we can help each other.

Next week is the Apollo Air monthly individual stableford event.

Wishing you a happy new year.


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in 2008 didn't know how beautiful the 10th would be............

one of the toughest holes..........

As it is a quiet week I thought I would go back to all our yesterdays and remind you what the 10th used to look like – this has proved to be one of the hardest holes on the course, with water rough and bunkers awaiting the tee shot, followed by an approach to an unbelievably narrow sloping entrance to a green with no easy pin position.

Sorry for the late posting but myself, Phil and Kevin have all been away for xmas so there was no one to do the blog. I only found out last weeks result at the roll up meeting last night, so here you are:

14 players only this week, so just an individual event with Dorothy giving all the men a good thrashing!

1st….Dorothy Simpson 37pts
2nd….Jim Alwell 36pts

We used the last two vouchers for 2011 from Olagolf as prizes and fortunately the winners are residents so will be able to take advantage of them.

The new yellow society polo shirts have arrived now and are available at only 15 euros (see Kev & Cath). We also have purchased some more giveaway prizes for the players who do not win anything in the comp. These include shoebags, mugs, scorecard holders all with the society logo on.

This weeks comp is bring a bottle (gift wrapped) and there is no entry fee. A card will be drawn and matched to a bottle. So to make the actual competition worthwhile it will be an individual stableford with a blind pairs twist – in the bar after the cards will be drawn into pairs with the best combined pair receiving a new society shirt each.

News has just filtered through that Olagolf are to be replaced on January 1st by Global Golf (who already run Mar Menor, La Torre and Hacienda Requelme). Surely this must be good news with the Jack Nicklaus Polaris Trail once more reunited. We will need to meet with the new management to develop a good mutual relationship going forward. We have already renewed our relationship with Hacienda del Alamo for 2012 where all our members will receive preferential rates and deals, and our captain will again get courtesy of their course. Hopefully Global Golf will appreciate our support also, with over 50 players taking part at Condado each Friday and also regularly playing with the society on Mondays and Wednesdays.
The fixtures are on the fixtures tab here for anyone wanting to plan their trips over in 2012.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year and look forward to seeing all our 800+ members playing with us again.

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Results from Friday 23rd December
Sorry for the delay in posting the results but we have all been away for Christmas.
This week we had  individuel stableford competition, we had 15 players all bringing prizes,
every player received a prize. we did have some green fee vouchers to give away so 1st and 2nd place
received these.
      1st place Dorothy Simpson 37pts
     2nd place Jim Alwell 36pts
Players sheets and tee times are now in shop for Friday 30th, and Monday 2nd, if playing Friday the 30th please bring a bottle
Gift wrapped as there in no 2 euro entry.

a merry xmas to you all...........

Sorry for the late posting but internet has been down (again) over the weekend.

28 players this week played the individual stableford in bright sunny weather. The greens were slick and tricky, which is a reason why only 3 players beat par.


1st division

1st…..Fran Thomas 35pts (on countback)
2nd…..Jan Jakobsen 35pts

2nd division

1st….Pat Hughes 40pts
2nd….Mick Parsons 37pts (on countback)

Next week will be quiet with myself, Graham and Phil going to Benidorm for xmas, but Kev and Cath will be holding the fort. It will be an individual event with no entry fee, but we ask players to bring a wrapped present up to the value of 5 euros.

I am pleased to announce two new sponsorships for next year. Ken and Alicia Saunders have kindly offered to sponsor the first playing of the Seve Trophy, all proceeds going to Seve’s charity. In September Cath Emmett-Smith will sponsor a Ladies Cup (which has been a glaring omission in our fixture list).

I would like to wish everyone a very merry xmas and thanks for your support over the year. We now have over 800 members and the society is thriving.

Feliz navidad


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Results from Friday 9th December

This week was a 4 person team with the best 2 stableford scores to count. We had 30 players so one team was down to 2 people as 2 no showers. The weather was very good for golf, a little cold early morning but by 11.00am is was very nice.

Winning team,  Ken Saunders

Alicia Saunders

Dave Knight

Paul Knight,  with 89 pts.

Second place,     Christian Markenfeld

Dennis Heriksen

Bjarne Julian

Nils Solander,  with 86 pts.

Anybody attending the Christmas party at Scot’tees please be aware that the bus will leave the Al Kasar at 18.45 prompt and return at Midnight

Over the Christmas period we will have Society golf on Friday the 23rd and Friday 30th, on the 23rd we will not be charging the normal 2 Euros entry but would like all players to bring a prize to the value of no more than 5 Euros and every player will draw out a prize, also on the 30th Dec again they will be no 2 Euros entry but would like all players to bring a bottle (No water). On both these days we would like you to gift wrap them so the contents are not visible.

Barry is away this week but will be back next week with his blog and general information.

Thank you Kevin.

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This is 12th hole 3 years ago……..

town centre and grassy fairway December 2011........

As it is quiet now I thought I might revive memories from when we first arrived here with no facilities and no course……… now we have a course!

This week we had 28 players for the Apollo Air monthly individual strokeplay event. Being stroke play this format tested the players, with odd bad holes ruining some players cards. The last hole was particularly testing, with the flag only about 6 feet onto the green with a steep slope just below the hole. Kev Smith gave us some entertainment as he was on the green for 5, putted off the green down to the bottom of the slope, then had several attempts to get the ball back onto the front edge!

The winners were:

Apollo Air winner

Jan Holdhus……..69

1st division

Paul Briggs………70

2nd division

Peter Reeves……..75 (on countback)


Bernie Twomey……..76

Next week is a 4 person team event with the best two stableford scores to count at each hole. I will be back in England for a week christmas shopping, so Phil will make the report next week.

Still no sign of portable buildings being moved for golf shop etc. by 1st tee.

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