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Heavy rain arrived at 08.30 this morning and deterred the players from venturing out. It lasted a couple of hours by which time nearly everyone had decided to do something else.

However 4 brave souls teed of and I thought the winner of this group deserved to win a prize. Others were willing to forgo their entry fee to keep dry!

The winner of the 2nd division prize (everyone was in division 2) was Kevin Smith with 30 points. His companions (Mick Parsons, John Garry and Phil Tann deserve praise for their durability.

They were joined on the 10th by Donald the duck (no sign of Daffy this week hope he is OK) who followed them to Barrys Cafe at the 12th tee for bacon and sausage sandwiches and coffee. He had his share and I thought he was going to move in! At this point the sun came out so perhaps their decision to play was not so foolish.

On the 11th over the lake it was quite a spectacle with over 20 seagulls sat on the green. Needless to say, after the tee shots they were still sat there! Donald turned away in disgust.They finally moved when shots rained in from the dropping area.

Anyway, lets hope for better weather next week for the blind pairs event (you don’t have to be blind to play).

Hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year and join us again at the Condado de Alhama golf society.


daffy is black and donald is white......

Donald daren't look.........

Mick, Kevin, Phil, John and Donald (foreground)............

donald's found the best restaurant in condado with head chef Lesley........

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Today we held a strings Competition with player receiving 1 metre of string for each point of Handicap, A great fun day with 10 players battling with the course, the Sunshine and a Length of String.  Tactics of when to use the string became as important as what club to use, adding a third dimension to the complications of Golf, a great day had by all.
Luckily nobody used the string to hang themselves, and despite everyone getting tied up in knots the scores were unravelled?

Winner with 53 Points – Fran Thomas
Runner up with 52 Points – Paul Harrington
Additional winners on draw of score card a Bottle of Wine Darren Lambert and Kevin Smith
Next Monday there will be an Individual Competition between each group.
Mick Parsons

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Merry Xmas to you all

daffy is black and donald is white......

Just one week to go to the end of our 1st year. No competition on Friday and very quiet with only 14 golfers out there. Cold and sunny but can’t complain when we look at UK weather reports.

Hopefully work will start on clubhouse in January. It will be smaller than planned because it is now a short term project with permanent building following?

The watering system is now computerised with all sprinklers controlled by a central computer. The generator has gone saving thousands in electricity. It was running 24 hours just to operated the practice ball machine!

All benches are now in place on each tee and the contrast of green and brown on the course looks quite striking.

Had our 2 resident ducks Donald and Daffy follow me from the 10th tee to the eleventh as I left a trail of breadcrumbs behind me.

It is a quiet xmas day here but I am expecting a good turn out next Friday when family obligations have been completed and owners come out to Condado for a bit of sunshine!

Will keep you updated with any news from our Jack Nicklaus signature course.


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On Monday 5 teams battled it out in a pairs competition with the best score from each hole counting.
In less than perfect winter conditions there were varied results with the scores ranging between 32 Points and 45 Points.
Winning team with 45 Points were Paul Douglas and Paul Harrington
On Monday 27th December there will be an Individual Stableford “Strings” fun Competition, normal society rates and only 3€ entry
The “Strings competition” is played as normal Stableford, but each player will get a length of string equating to Handicap.  i.e if you have a 18 handicap you will receive 18 metres of string which you can cut off lengths to save shots, improve lies, putt, get out of bunkers etc.
To enter with come to the Society night at the Clover bar this Wednesday at 7pm, add your names to list on the Society noticeboard in the Ola Golf Pro shop or contact Mick Parsons on  pres.j4@cdagr.eu Tee times from 10:00

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Myself, Graham and Phil Tann met today with Alfredo Caparros of Olagolf. The topics discussed were:

a) the progress of the society over the last year and our contribution to Olagolf

b) Clubhouse plans

c) Membership pricing

d) Green fees

e) Information process

f) Condition of the course

We pointed out that we have had a competition every friday (and some mondays) since January 28th this year. We have been loyal to Olagolf and and not searched around for the cheapest prices and varied our venue as many other societies do.

We started off with only 12 players in January, but numbers have increased exponentially since then with a peak of 59 players taking part one week in October.

The golf website has also grown and the number of views (by month) of the site have increased steadily from 652 in March to 3278 in November. A total of 19392 viewings have been recorded so far in 9 months.

The Viking cup between Norway and the UK was a highlight of the year and will be an annual event.

Captains day was a great success with 55 players and a hog roast to follow. A great night organised in Grahams’ garden at the last minute as the Clover was booked. Having our own clubhouse next year would be even better though.

Plans are in hand to have an open competition next year for societies etc from all over Murcia at a date close to the Open in July. Paul Harrington has offered to give a trophy similar to the claret jug and other prizes also.

Jill and Terry also wish to have a golf competition at easter for residents based on a family day, with easter egg hunts etc.

We think that the numbers of golfers next year will increase as more properties are being sold on Condado.

Interesting developments with the clubhouse. It looks like the plans to site it on the land between the 1st tee and the range have been changed in the last few days. It now seems that it will be in between the buggy shed and chipping green (which is by the entrance to the practice area and 1st tee). It will not be as big as the initial planned clubhouse. The reason for this is that it looks like the banks may purchase the land looking over the 9th and 18th from polaris. Then any electrical/ water supplies can be used for the permanent building.

The original location would require a massive investment to install a road and car parking aroung the polaris land. If the banks do acquire that land then they will build a permanent clubhouse with hotel accomodation and then the outlay on temporary facilities will have been wasted. So it’s a matter of watch this space!

So the temporary clubhouse will have less facilities than promised but will have a bar, food and other basic needs, and hopefully will be erected by the end of February.

We did question the new annual membership prices offered. It has not changed and is still 1200 euros (individual) and 1600 euros (family) but this was the price to non residents also. After checking Alfredo confirmed that there was a 10% discount for residents. We did ask for the 7 euro charge to be removed but no chance!

The 3 courses operated by Olagolf offer a great membership offer – 1500 euros individual and 2000 euros family.

Green fees have been reduced in the past for non members due to the poor condition of the course after hollow tining. Members did not benefit from this but Alfredo has agreed to charge the 9 hole rate (4.5 euros) at such times.

We did bring up the fact that other local courses did offer cheaper golf deals. However it was pointed out that these courses are not in good condition – one well known course on the coast has only 6 greenkeepers whilst we have 21.
The green fee for Condado should be above others (including Mar Menor & Saurines) when a clubhouse is erected but the society prices will remain fixed due to our loyalty and help over the last year.

The rumour about half price golf for residents of the town of Alhama was quashed – the deal was they would get our residents rate.

Due to all the unfounded rumours I asked for Olagolf to produce a monthly newsletter with any information available, which could be posted in the golf shop.. This was agreed to.

We discussed conditions on the course. There are now a few benches on the tees, but extra ones are on order. Also paths for players without a buggy need to be constructed between greens and tees to save walking distances and to protect flora in plantations.

It was admitted that much work still needs to be done to avoid flooding in extreme circumstances as happened in August. This damage was fortunately covered by insurance. The fact that lake levels were still low was brought up.

We thought it had been a useful meeting with issues brought out in the open and answered as well as possible.

At the end of the meeting we wished Alfredo a merry xmas and happy new year. Hopefully next year will be a great one for the society and Olagolf.


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only fit for sledging.........

car sales.... I'll take the one on the left for a test drive...........

Great to be back from snowbound england to be welcomed by blue skies and the familiar sights of Condado! It really was bad in the midlands as can be seen on the photos.

Thanks to Phil for continuing the reports for you. I was nice to know what was happening while I was away.

Well the icy conditions came with me because the comp was delayed from 9am till 1200 due to frost and ice. The weather must have deterred some players as 4 players did not appear at 12.00 so we had the texas scramble with 3 teams of 4. Conditions were good, and scores were also.

The winning team was Alicia Saunders (2nd win in a week!), Bryan Eyles, Paul Douglas and Ernie Pedlebury with a nett 59.
2nd place team was myself, the captain, And the 2 Pauls (Briggs and Harrington) just behind with 61.6.

2 lucky ducks brought an eagle ...............

We had an interesting meeting with 2 friendly ducks on the 9th who were dribbling the balls across the green! They must have been lucky as we got an eagle 3 as well!


more definition to the course layout this winter.........

I took a photo of the 14th which shows the effect of overseeding on the fairways. The original grass in the 1st cut of rough turned brown overnight with the 1st winter chill. Last year the fairways were the same colour but now look much better in green.

For those living in penthouse 8 and 9 good news….. the generator has finally gone. Work continues on completing changes to the water pipes around the course with new valves being fitted.

Myself and Graham are having a meeting this week with Olagolf so hopefully we will have more news for you next week. I will still submit a post at xmas but next week will be free and easy, because Graham is replacing me in England for a couple of weeks. That means put your name on the sheet but just arrange a match within your own 4 ball. Society rates will still apply. With Friday being xmas eve it would be difficult to check the cards and have a presentation when everyone has to get ready for a great night out.

New years eve will be an individual stableford and should attract a good entry with lots of golfers on site. There will still be wednesday evening meetings and the starting sheet for the 24th and 31st will still be on the society noticeboard in the golf shop.

If any of you are wanting a late xmas present why not get condado de alhama logo’d golf accessories (shirts, caps, windproof tops etc) for your loved one? If so contact Phil Marlow on:

01274 633978

Hope you all have a great xmas and a happy new year ………. keep reading the blog next year which should be a fantastic one for the society and hopefully should see us move into our new clubhouse.


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11 Players took part today and competed in an Individual Stableford.
Weather was cloudy but relatively pleasant for Golf and for a change not too windy?
Most Players scored over 30 Points and cards will be submitted for handicap adjustment.


Winner with 40 Points Alicia Saunders

Runner-up with 39 Points John Pitman

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