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Sandy you will have to live on condado permanently.......

dug a hole then abandoned it............

Don't want to meet this mole...........

Another good turn out for a quiet week in November – 30 players. It must have been the coldest day this year, but most players were prepared by the forecast although 3 hardy souls wore shorts!


The cold did seem to freeze the brain rather than the body as most players struggled on the day, especially in the 2nd division where only 2 players bettered 30 points.


1st division

1st Barry Barker 35pts (better back nine)
2nd Anthony Carson 35pts

2nd division

1st Pat O’Connor 38pts
2nd Kjell Mundheim 37pts

Congratulations go to George Hoskins who holed his tee shot at the 213 yard 7th hole. He was so excited he ran to the green before his playing partners had teed off! As far as we know it is the first hole in one from the mens tees since the course opened – unless anyone knows different?

I think my success was down to calling in home at the 12th tee to fetch my whisky flask – hence the good back nine!

From next week the entry fee for competitions will rise to 3 euros so we have some funds to cover the expenses of the society and a little over to provide extras occasionally. We hope all members understand the need for this small increase.

At least we are still playing, whilst most of the UK are in the grip of winter. I will be able to see it first hand next week when I return to england for a couple of weeks to see the family and do some christmas shopping. First time back for 18 months!

Graham will be in sole charge, but when I get back he goes to england. While I am away Phil Tann will continue to update you all with society news.

If anyone can get out at the start of February don’t miss the anniversary cup on the 4th when Dave Lloyd will provide a cup to be played for annually. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Dave called for a meeting in the clover to set something up so players could meet up and get a game.

Looking back the society has come on leaps and bounds. From starting with a dozen players we now average over 30 a week with the best week attracting 59 players.

It has also developed into a great social event with players and family meeting up on wednesdays and fridays for a drink and a chat, and making new friends. The recent Viking Cup event shows how multinational friendships have developed.

Just a few pics this week of the giant molehills which have appeared in front of penthouse 10, and one of Sandy Simpson in Peterhead all dressed up for golf with nowhere to play! (note the hint of where he wants to be with the naranjos in his hand!)


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the winners with Dave Lloyd and the captain..........

The Viking Cup is now on display in the golf shop after being inscribed during the week.

the winners are........

This week it was a team competition with 30 players taking part, quite good for a quiet winter week. We played pairs betterball with the best nett score counting each hole. For a while it looked very close with 3 teams tied on 42pts, but the husband and wife team of Frode and Lyn Overli blew us all away with a fantastic 47pts! It was Lyns first outing with us and her amazing golf will result in her 36 handicap being reduced!

It was played in a freezing cold wind which took some or the players dressed in shorts by surprise – Paul should have been providing cocoa not water on the way round!

1st Frode Overli & Lyn Overli 47pts
2nd Tony Buckton & Barry Barker 42 pts (better back 9)
3rd Paul Briggs & Graham White 42pts

Next week is an individual stableford.

Work continues on the course with soil being scattered over the rough areas in readiness for the reseeding of the winter growing long grasses. Water levels in the lakes are still low but we are ready for the autumn rains. The greens were fast after the recent Hi5 tournament.

As it is quiet now I thought I could remind you of the state of the course in August. I didn’t have a camera then but Bent Kristiansen has kindly provided a couple from that morning (taken from penthouse 9).


the lake level was above the banks with sand from the hills across the fairways......

the sand from the hills dried like china clay..........

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the winners.......

the winner holes a short birdie putt at the last.....

After the excitement of the Viking Cup, its back to the weekly society competition which this week was an individual stableford with 33 players taking part.

The greens were much better possibly because of the Hi5 tournament held during the week. Again the beautiful weather continued making scoring easier than at Saurines on wednesday.

The results were:

1st division

1st Graham White 40pts
2nd Dave Lloyd 38pts

2nd division

1st Pat O’Connor 39pts
2nd Mick Parsons 38pts


Karin Dahl 35pts

Thanks this week to Phil Tann who has devised a computerised scoring system which will make card checking quicker (when I speed up my keying skills). The system also identified errors by players who play off the wrong handicap or work their points out wrongly. It has saved time for Graham and myself in checking winning cards, or where no points have been entered.
Also the system lists players scores in winning order and by division. Then new handicaps are automatically adjusted.

The Hi5 tour event got under way on Tuesday but play had to be suspended due to high winds. I watched one player on the 11th attempt a straightforward 2 foot putt which just missed, but finished up off the green 20 feet away!

The winner was Romain Watter from France at 9 under, 4 shots ahead of Florian Fritsch (Germany) and Erik Tage Johansen (Norway). A nice 4,100 euros prize.


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Viking Cup November 10th 2010

BREAKING NEWS………UK overcome Norway in the Viking Cup at Saurines de la Torre…..

In a closely fought match the UK team triumphed by only 9 points, 14 players on each side took part on a blustery day with fast greens and nearly impossible pin positions. The best individual score on the day was only 31 points and that had to be worked for!

This was a format decided upon during the summer between the 2 nations captains, Jan Skjold and Barry Barker over a few glasses of red! The date was decided because it was the day of Jans 60th birthday. Jan provided many prizes, and Barry managed to persuade Olagolf to part with some golf vouchers and a reduction in green fees for Condado members to 7 euros (thanks also to Dave Lloyd for his input).

Each match had 2 players from each side which promoted the social side of the event. Everyone was on the 1st tee together and all waited for the last match to finish.

Then everyone met up at La Batalla in Roldan (which is Darren the marshall at Condados bar) for drinks and all waited in anticipation of the results.

As the individual winners were announced the result seemed a foregone conclusion as most of the prizes went to Norway, but when Jan finally conceded defeat a great cheer came from the UK team. When Jan presented me with the cup I felt as proud as Colin Montgomery did last month at the Ryder Cup!

An excellent day where everything went smoothly and both teams had a great time.

Jan had a fantastic birthday finished off with a meal at La Caverna with 13 norwegians and myself and Sue as honoured guests. I didn’t mention who had won too much!

The cup will go on display in the golf shop until our clubhouse is open where it will have a permanent home, and better luck to the norwegians next year – make a note in you diary for November next year when hopefully we will play back at home in Condado.


Barry Barker
Graham White
Dave Lloyd
Kim Lloyd
Kevin Smith
John Pitman
Sandy Simpson
Dorothy Simpson
Paul Briggs
Dave Rollett
Mick Parsons
Lesley Parsons
David Wareing
Andrew Lailey

Jan Skjold
Bjarn Jolin
Helge Kristoffersen
Benedickte Kristoffersen
Gunn Quamme
Lasse Bergan
Torkild Dahl
Karin Dahl
Bo Skaale
Christian Skaale
Bent Kristiansen
Christine Kahrs
Torild Lailey
Kristin Quamme

Winners were:

1st division

1st Dave Lloyd 31pts
2nd Helge Kristoffersen 30pts

2nd division

1st Kevin Smith 26pts
2nd Jan Skjold 26pts


1st Kristen Quamme 30 pts
2nd Karin Dahl 28pts


1st Christian Skaale 25pts

Longest drive Christine Kahrs
Nearest pin Bent Kristiansen

Viking cup UK

I have attached photos of the day


this is what all the fuss was about.......

at last .....the 18th......

Lesley, Mick, Christine and Bent.....

David looks cool on the 18th but alas it was a round to forget........

Kristin holing the putt to clinch the ladies prize.......

10 year ols Christian with the junior prize....mmmm it did taste good!......

Karin Dahl ladies runner up........

Kristin Quamme ladies champion......

Kevin Smith 2nd division winner......

Helge Kristoffersen 1st division runner up.....

Dave Lloyd 1st division and overall winner.........

Christine Kahrs was the biggest hitter........

Bent Kristiansen mastered the tricky tee shot to the 14th.......

and the winning team is.........the UK!.........

in La Caverna Barry and Bent are still the best of friends.....

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Yellow ball Friday November 5th 2010

There were 35 players for the 4 person yellow ball competition this week with a couple of exceptional scores.

The fireworks were provided by the visiting irish team who scored an incredible 135 pts which was 27 shots below par in an very intense format where the player with the yellow ball must count.

!st 135pts

Michael Gavin, Michael Ryder, Liam Cawley and John McLoughlin

2nd 129pts

Dave Lloyd, Graham White, Kim Lloyd and Barry Barker

This week the course is closed until Friday (society stableford will be played then). It is the return of the Hi5 tour, with a pro-am on sunday followed by practice day monday and then competition proper tuesday,wednesday and thursday. I will post photos from the Hi5 later in the week.

Due to the closure of the course the Viking Cup between Norway and the UK will be played at saurines de la torre on wednesday. It is 14 players each side with 2 players from each team in each match. The best 10 stableford scores from each team will be added up to decide the winner of the cup (which will be played for annually). Next week I will post photos and results from the day.

We have completed our tour of the 18 holes at Condado but I will finish off with pictures of the excellent practice facilities.


even tiger couldn't drive to the other end.......great view to the mountains......

the Hi5 pros loved the facilities...........

that's the way to do it!.............

not exactly a labrador but a good retriever..........

the colours are distance to the flags............

great practice putting facility..........

greenside bunker practice usually with 6 flags.......

fairway bunker practice area for long shots.........

green also available for chipping only.........

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