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Individual stableford this week.

1st Patrick Smeulders 37pts

2nd Anthony O’Reilly 36 pts

3rd Graham White 34pts

Cards now should be handed in at the Clover at 3pm presentation at 4pm during the summer months.

Olagolf have recruited 4 more staff to clear the weeds from the rough. They have reached the 8th hole.

The featured hole this week is the par 5 4th hole.

bunkers and the lake make the approach to this hole very dangerous....

the green is well guarded....

It's a long way from the tee to the green....

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Pairs stableford Friday June 18th 2010

This week was a pairs competition (4 ball better ball stableford)

Some of the scores were unbelievable and appropriate handicap reductions will be made!

1st Lee Hobson & Fran Hobson 53pts
2nd Kevin Smith & John Pitman 47pts

This week we had a noticeboard for the society installed in the golf shop.
Information will include:

Members society handicap and slope allowance (play off this at Condado)
List of competiton formats until end of September
Starting sheet for the next Friday competition (you can select your own time and fellow players)
Details of rules for that weeks competition

The visibility of this board may persuade casual golfers to play with us instead of playing later.

Times have been reserved through the summer on Fridays from 09.00 to 09.50 and fees reduced to 40 euros.

The featured hole this week is the par 3 3rd.

This is length of rough if you stray....

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3 person team Friday June 11th 2010

This week it was a 3 person team and the winning team with 77pts was

Kevin Smith   John Pitman    Bjarne Jolin

Featured hole this week is the 2nd

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Only 12 players today due to cancellations and no shows and played in bright sunshine and intense heat.

Individual stableford

1st      Mick Parsons      35pts

2nd      John Pitman      33pts

From this week I will upload a picture of a different hole each week. This week is the view down the 1st hole.

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June 3rd 2010

Myself and Graham have had a meeting with Carlos who is the golf manager of Olagolf at Condado. Carlos has managed in Tenerife (Golf del Sur) and La Gomera.

We had an agenda to ask questions and we feel we got positive replies.

The architects have been over 2 weeks ago to start preparing for the temporary clubhouse. It is likely to be a single storey wooden building but will have comprehensive facilities with bar, restaurant, changing rooms, showers, lockers and pro shop. It will be sited near the 1st tee and should be ready early October. The surrounding area will be tarmac for a car park and landscaped with flowers and plants etc.

It is expected that it will be in place for years rather than months so don’t expect the owners (IRM bank consortium) to throw money at it.

Carlos has agreed to provide the society with a noticeboard for handicap list, fixtures, tee times, results and this will be put into current shop shortly before the move.

The greenfee for residents has been reduced to 50E for the summer and we have managed to reduce the society fee to 40E for the same period.

Also we have reserved tee times from 09.00 every Friday while the weather is hot.

New golf buggies will be brought in and may have cool boxes installed. Also it is intended to have a food/drinks buggy covering the course.

The rough has already been cut back further to make play easier and tufts around the edges of the greens will be treated and removed.

Preferred lies are allowed in the drop area on the 11th. Hopefully there will be a notice on the shop desk stating when preferred lies are available on the rest of the fairways.

The 3 greenkeepers laid off by Polaris have been reinstated by Olagolf and an extra 10 staff are clearing the weeds around the course for the next 3 weeks.

Any ball on the planted areas can be dropped onto the edge of the fairway ( not from waste bunkers).

The rock like waste areas may get more sand so you can play from them as at El Valle.

Proper paths will be constructed from green to tee for trolleys and walkers.

Signs needed around the course – next tee, players only, dropping area.

May get fish (carp) in lakes which will attract birds to enhance the aesthetics of the course.

It is intended to provide benches at each tee.

Lines needed between water hazard posts to clarify margin of hazard. 

Cannot use your own buggy on the course unless you pay Olagolf 500E per year.

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Individual stableford this week

1st Alan Rutherford 37pts

2nd Paul Briggs 35pts (on countback)

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